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This Blender Can Cook and Blend Your Food at The Same Time!

Tefal’s BL967 Dynamix Cook High Speed Cooking Blender doesn’t just prepare smoothies and juices. You can also use it to cook soups and even grain porridges!

A blender can easily up your nutrient intake. Just toss in your veggies and fruits and it’ll blend them into a delicious smoothie or fresh cup of juice. But sometimes, that’s all it does. So, do you really need to invest in one if you’re just going to chuck it aside after you’re done with your “eat healthy” phase?

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Source: Tefal

The answer to that question is a resounding yes. Because Tefal’s new BL967 Dynamix Cook High Speed Cooking Blender can cook you a myriad of food as well. In fact, it guarantees perfect results every time. More about this awesome buy below!

1. Save on time, cook and blend your food at once

Craving for a hot soup or porridge on a rainy day? Now you don’t have to hover over the stove to knock something up. All you need is Tefal’s BL967 Dynamix Blender and its fast heating technology. Capable of reaching up to 100°C, it’ll cook all your raw ingredients as it blends.

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And it does so in a jiffy too! Powered by a high-speed motor (35,000 rotations per minute, the maximum speed!), the razor sharp PoweliX blades cuts through the hardest of ingredients. You’ll be able to achieve a perfect creamy texture that you’ve always dreamed of in no time at all.

2. 8 hot and 2 cold auto programmes for even more recipes

Of course, we need to talk about its versatility as well. Aside from the porridge and soups, you can use the blender for other dishes. Think fresh juice, smoothies, soy milk, pastes, baby food, and desserts. And all of this made possible thanks to its 10 unique hot & cold auto programmes.

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In fact, you can use these programmes to unlock more recipes outside of the presets! Take the ‘Baby Food’ programme for instance. Like its namesake, you can prepare baby food with it, but it can also be toggled to cook a mean sambal chili – all within 26 minutes.

So really, the options are endless!

3. Smart automatic temperature control for perfect results every time

Tefal’s BL967 Dynamix Blender guarantees a perfect cook when used. The temperature sensor keeps the heat precisely controlled in the jar during the entire cooking process.

4. A better cooking and blending experience with auto clean and safety functions

Like all kitchen appliances, a blender can get pretty gross (due to residual build-up) over time. Luckily, Tefal’s BL967 Dynamix Blender makes cleaning up easier with two auto clean functions: Deep and Quick. Like the names suggest, the Quick clean rinses the jar in under a minute, while the Deep clean kills up to 99.99%* of bacteria by heating up water in the 1.75L jar to 100°C for a thorough cleanse. Cook or blend, completely worry-free!

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Because safety isn’t something that should be overlooked when it comes to appliances with high speed and sharp blades, the blender also comes with a Secure Lid System. If the lid isn’t properly locked in place, the appliance won’t start.

With all these additional functions, it’s all the more safe and secure!

*Tests performed by an external independent laboratory.

Preparing a healthy meal with a refreshing beverage has never been this easy

Who knew that Tefal’s BL967 Dynamix Cook High Speed Cooking Blender could be such a game-changing kitchen appliance? Chop, grind, blend, puree, cook, and even the clean-up – every aspect of your kitchen prep is about to be simplified.

Now available at major retailers for $299! (U.P. $399)

*While stocks last. Disclaimer: Prices are right at the time of writing.

Browse www.tefal.com.sg for their full catalogue of multi-purpose household essentials.

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