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This Couple’s Elegant Bukit Batok BTO is Scandi #Goals

Even before collecting the keys to their new BTO flat at Bukit Batok West, newlyweds Kelsey and Shaun already had a clear vision of what their dream home would look like.

“We were certain that what we wanted was a Scandi theme,” recalls Kelsey. “We had plans to include all of the usual features, clean lines, wood, light colours, you name it.”

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Working hand-in-hand with their designer from Lemonfridge Studio, Jae Chia, the couple then set about bringing their vision to life – a project which took a total of 14 weeks to complete.

To find out more about their Renovation Journey, we sat down with Kelsey and Shaun as they shared with us their ideas, must-haves and thoughts about the entire experience.

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About themselves

Kelsey (K): We’re a pair of newlyweds, and we had planned to move in right after our marriage, which meant we had to plan for the renovation at the same time. It was a whirlwind experience, to say the least.

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About juggling their busy schedule

Shaun (S): We started planning for our marriage fairly late, but on the other hand, our renovation (plans) begun quite early. [sic]

We started looking for a designer a good six months before key collection – that was also when we got in contact with Lemonfridge Studio. Getting to know them and starting our planning early was great because we could dive straight into the work after getting our keys.

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About getting to know Lemonfridge Studio

K: Right from the beginning, we were quite set on the Scandinavian look, so we begun looking through Qanvast for potential designers who could actualise what we wanted. Through that, we got to know about Lemonfridge Studio, and among the designers we met, they were the best fit for the job.

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On their must-haves

S: Open space was important. We wanted the house to be as spacious as possible, which is why we got the kitchen walls hacked off and pushed all the carpentry to the sides to make the living areas feel more open.

Other requirements that we had were basically the regular Scandinavian elements: plenty of neutrals, clean lines and natural textures.

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About their home, post-renovation

K: There are a couple of highlights about the house. In the living room, we have a long console which helps conceals all of the TV’s wiring; it’s a great feature because we really dislike wire clutter.

Near the main entrance, we also have a shoe cabinet that helps conceal the flat’s DB box. The half-height study area at the back of the living area is worth mentioning too: We use it for everything, from hosting guests to using it as a dining area when we wish to have our meals in front of the TV.

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About working with Lemonfridge Studio

K: When we first spoke to Jae, she struck me as someone who’s both understanding and easy to speak to. She was easy to work with as well and was able to incorporate the ideas that we had into the house.

Jae also went the extra mile for us by helping to manage the rest of parties involved in the the renovation, such as our gas supplier and aircon contractor. The same goes for the delivery of our appliances, Jae volunteered to handle them while we were away on weekdays.

S: I would also like to give a shout-out to Lemonfridge’s sub-contractors, they were pretty nice too. You see those paintings behind the living room and the top-hung shelf at the front? Their carpenters offered to put them out.

The electricians were also pretty nice about us changing our minds on where to locate the power points, and they accommodated our requests without a second word.

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What they like most about their home

K: The half-height study, which I like very much, is also a favourite among our guests. So, I guess it proved to be best part of the whole renovation. And it’s good in the sense that it’s practical and is just the right size, which prevents the living room from appearing too cramped.

S: Another thing that I like is that there are no weird recesses that you see between the slabs and columns, we decided to flush all of the walls in the rooms and living areas, so it looks uniform. In the living room, we did this to conceal electrical wires and HDMI cables as well, so it serves both a practical and aesthetic purpose.

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To sum it up…

K: Although there were some hiccups along the way, the renovation went smoothly for the most part. We are glad that the house turned out the way we envisioned it to be.

What we like about the entire process is that with Jae around, her presence really made our renovation experience fuss-free because we didn’t have to worry about the quality of the workmanship at all.

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