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This Furniture Upgrade Really Improves Your (Home) Office

We use it for work, for play, and even to eat (sometimes).

Yet despite how integral it is to everyday life, the desk isn’t a piece of furniture that most people would give a second thought about because of its ubiquity. But what if we told you that it plays a big part in determining your productivity as well as well-being?

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And that’s where height adjustable standing desks come in. Not only are these ergonomic tables seeing use in the offices of big-name tech companies (think Google and Facebook), they are also popping up in homes – and for good reason.

Read on to find out what they can do for you!

Update (1 Nov 2021): The AmpDesk has now rebranded to EverDesk+! Check out the brand new standing desk with improved features here.

1. It helps maintain your physical health

At first glance, the difference between having standing desks and their ‘sitting’ counterparts may not seem all that significant – you stand while using the former, you sit with the latter, and they both have four legs (duh). The distinction, however, lies in the impact on your health.

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Long periods of inactivity (read: sitting) have been proven to slow down your body’s metabolism (your ability to burn calories), and that can contribute to greater risk for serious health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and of course, obesity.

On the other hand, standing while working increases your daily activity levels – even by just a little. But hey, you know what they say: every tiny bit helps.

2. It improves your posture, long-term

Another key health benefit of getting a height adjustable standing desk is that it’ll improve your body posture.

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As opposed to slumping over your desk, keeping your neck held straight, shoulders back, and maintaining your spine in an ‘S’ position can do wonders for you – and are positive habits that can (and should) be reinforced by using a standing desk that can be adjusted to suit your height needs.

Also, standing has the benefit of reducing the amount of pressure on your spine, which may not seem to matter now, but almost certainly will when you are all old, wrinkly, and have problems with your back because of long-term wear and tear (think slipped disks and pain in your tailbone).

3. It's easy to use (and looks great too!)

Unlike regular office equipment, an ergonomic standing desk is better suited to serve your everyday work needs – and for one simple reason: it’s designed to do just that.

Height adjustable standing desks, like the ErgoEdge AmpDesk, are tailored for the specific purpose of enhancing workspaces, both big and small, and with minimal fuss.

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Up-down switches mean you won’t have to spend precious time screwing your table legs to the right height, whereas built-in stabilisers and quiet motors are the perfect features to have for a quiet, distraction-free working environment.

Not to mention, there’s also the option of choosing between durable laminate table tops or a handcrafted, eco-friendly carbonised bamboo surface. So, don’t worry about the curtains not matching the windows, or in this case, the (table)top and the job.

4. And of course, it keeps you on the ball – at all times

As anyone who works from home can tell you, the temptation to take an afternoon/post-lunch siesta is very much real, especially if your bedroom also serves as your personal office. And unless you have the luxury of space, relocating your sleeping area is not going to be an option.

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In this case, getting an adjustable standing desk is your best bet, simply because it’s hard not to be alert when your body is an upright position. (Don’t believe us? Just try standing up and taking a deep breath.)

Plus, by having a desk that you can both sit and stand at, you’ll get to achieve space-efficiency as well as greater functionality for your home – and if that isn’t killing two birds with one stone, we’re not sure what is.

Empower your workspaces with ErgoEdge

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Understanding the adverse impact of poorly-designed workspaces on the well-being of office and stay-at-home workers alike, ErgoEdge is guided by a simple mission: making top-quality, customisable ergonomic products accessible to consumers.

If you’re interested in upgrading your workspace(s), do check out their range of budget-friendly and effective office products on their website, or at their showroom at Gemini Building!

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