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This is Probably the Biggest, Unnoticed Design Trend of 2020

July 9, 2020

We aren’t kidding when we say that it’s everywhere.

If you’ve been taking note of the most recently renovated projects on Qanvast, there’s a good chance that you might already know what’s our pick for the biggest interior design trend in 2020. So, what is it? Luxe surfaces? Metallic accents? Or bold pink?

interior design trend 2020 geometrical shapes

Well, those are all good guesses, but the answer is a lot more subtle (and easy to pull off): Geometric shapes and forms, especially curves, are a really popular interior design feature/element everywhere these days, and they’re showing up in HDB flats, private condos – and surprisingly, even bubble tea shops and beauty salons.

I Love Taimei @ NEX by Happe Design Atelier
Aube Beauty Salon @ Cineleisure by Fineline Design

Yes, even neighbourhood bubble tea shops and hair salons have caught on to this interior design trend. Interior Firm: Fineline Design and Happe Design Atelier

Here, we tell you the reasons why geometric shapes are now trending, and also share a couple of ways on how to make this interior design trend a part of your renovation plans!

1. Geometric shapes offer a simple, effective way to create home highlights

Sengkang West Road by The Local INN.terior 新家室

Minimalism is all about the philosophy of ‘less is more’, which is exactly why geometric forms are the perfect design trend to capitalise on for a simple yet interesting home – traditional shapes, such as circles, octagons and rectangles, can be used to bring a fresh, yet familiar twist to standard (read: boring) indoor structures, like walls and doorways.

Bedok Reservoir View by Metier Planner

Interior Firm: Metier Planner

Canberra Crescent by The Local INN.terior 新家室

In particular, one application of geometric shapes that has been on the rise lately is the use of curves to create elegant archways. On top of serving as a striking accent, this trend also eliminates the need to construct a false ceiling (which reduces the height of your rooms – an important concern for HDB homes) just to conceal an ugly overhead column.

2. They can be very easily (and subtly) incorporated into your home’s look

Due to their simplicity, geometric forms can be very easily incorporated into any home, regardless of your preferred style, whether it’s Scandinavian, modern or contemporary. And even without changing up existing structures or building new ones, this can be accomplished, simply by having the right furniture and home accessories.

Jurong East Street 21 by Anhans Interior Design

Interior Firm: Anhans Interior Design

High Park Residences by 19 Eighty Three

Interior Firm: 19 Eighty Three

Bed frames with rounded/curved backs (plus points if they’re made of rattan, which is a trending material) and rectilinear mirrors are great options to start with. Plus, in some cases, they can complement an otherwise awkward room feature, such as a circular ceiling/nook.

Sengkang East Way by Jialux Interior

Interior Firm: Jialux Interior

Flooring materials, like vinyl and timber, offer yet another way to bring the geometric trend indoors: With just a couple of rectangular pieces, you can create an interesting contrast with homogeneous surfaces (think tiles or cement screed) that also conveys a sense of direction/movement.

3. Geometric shapes can add a surprising amount of subtle detail

Serangoon North Avenue 4 by erstudio

Interior Firm: erstudio

It’s all too easy to miss the subtle diamond-shaped details of this bathroom vanity’s tiled backsplash, but that’s exactly what the geometric trend brings to the table in terms of interior design choices – or more specifically, yet another way to give your home a more memorable and unique appearance.

High Park Residences by 19 Eighty Three

Interior Firm: 19 Eighty Three

By playing around with geometric shapes as well as other design elements, like size and colour, you can bid farewell to uninteresting, whitewashed walls. For instance, if you prefer a busier look, consider incorporating tiny, complex herringbone patterns with alternating colours to differentiate your dining area from the rest.

4. The geometric trend has actually been around for a long time…

Punggol Drive by Mr Shopper Studio

Interior Firm: Mr Shopper Studio

Although we’re naming geometrics as our ‘biggest trend of 2020’, its roots in modern-day interior design can be traced back to the first half of the 20th century – the Art Deco movement, which saw its heyday in the 20s and 30s, makes use of all sorts of shapes to create highly-detailed, ornate interiors.

Punggol Drive by Mr Shopper Studio

Interior Firm: Mr Shopper Studio

While most buildings in this day and age aren’t as elaborately decorated as those from the past, Art Deco as well as geometrical motifs continue to play a big role in influencing the look and feel of Singapore homes (like this pretty-in-pink Punggol HDB flat) – and that’s something that we foresee continuing in the future to come!

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