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This Mini Water Dispenser Makes Drinking Water Less Boring

January 8, 2021 · Paid Partnership with Livingcare

It’s easier than ever to chug those 8 glasses of water a day.

We all know that drinking enough water is important, but meeting the daily recommended water intake is easier said than done. Here’s a better way to keep your hydration goals on track: the slim Jewel series from Livingcare.

slim mini alkaline water dispenser Livingcare

Having a water dispenser that gives fresh, clean (and alkaline) water on demand whenever you need a thirst quencher encourages you to sip more throughout the day. What’s more, the Jewel series comes equipped with a host of attractive features that will make it the perfect addition to any home. More on it below!

1. Compact design that fits into the smallest of kitchens

slim mini alkaline water dispenser Livingcare

Unlike those traditional bulky water dispensers, this motorless dispenser measures at just 13cm wide, making it slim enough to fit into even the tightest of spaces. For homeowners with limited countertop space, the Jewel series is your best bet.

2. User-friendly features designed for the whole family

slim mini alkaline water dispenser Livingcare

Why wait for the water to boil in a kettle when you can get instant drinking water with just the touch of a button? The Jewel series comes with a total of 7 temperature controls so you can choose the perfect brewing temperature for your beverages, whether you prefer hot, cold or room temperature water. Need to make baby milk in a jiffy? You got it!

slim mini alkaline water dispenser Livingcare

There are four quantities available, which is capable of storing up 500ml of water so you’re all set for an entire day’s worth of hydration. Or if you’re someone who likes having a large jug of water on hand at all times, there’s also the option of an “infinity” capacity to allow for an unlimited stream of purified goodness, sans the refills. No excuse to not replenish your fluids now!

On top of all that, this family-friendly gadget also comes with an added safety function to prevent any unforeseen kitchen disasters, especially if you have kids in the household.

3. Unique filtration technology for natural alkaline water

slim mini alkaline water dispenser Livingcare

Not a fan of plain ol’ tap water? Try alkaline water instead. The Jewel dispenser utilises a 5-stage filtration process to give you cleaner and better-tasting alkaline water that’s chockfull of natural antioxidants. And it’s said to offer plenty of health perks too – from boosting your metabolism, to aiding in digestion and even helping with weight loss.
To ensure that your water is clean and safe for consumption, it also goes through the extra step of UV sterilisation to get rid of all the pathogen nasties that could potentially lead to gastrointestinal diseases.

4. Available in a delightful range of colours

slim mini alkaline water dispenser Livingcare

Sometimes all it takes to motivate us to drink more water, is a little bit of fun and flavour. Aside from your usual black and white options for the minimalist kitchens, the Jewel series also comes in an exclusive range of refreshing pastel hues to brighten up your countertop – seafoam mint, flamingo pink and powder blue.

Fresher, cleaner and healthier water

slim mini alkaline water dispenser Livingcare

If you’re looking for a water dispenser that fits your lifestyle, needs and tastes, Livingcare’s Jewel series is an innovative solution that will enhance your quality of life. With an abundance of user-friendly features all within a stylish, space-saving design, you’ll be drinking your way to a healthier you in no time.

Interested in getting an exclusive sneak peek? Pop by Livingcare’s new showroom at Link@AMK to view the full range of Jewel dispensers!

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