This Online Store Guarantees Its Hardwood Furniture For Life

March 23, 2018

You may think it’s a sales gimmick, but it isn’t. The lifetime warranty that Soul & Tables (formerly Ethnicraft Online) offers is the real deal.

“We do what we can to make our customers happy. If you have a piece of furniture that is damaged 5 years after it has been purchased, just give us a call or email us a picture and we’ll take care of it. No extra fees, no questions asked,” says Managing Director Jonathan Roelandts.

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Even so, it’s unlikely that you will need to rely on Soul & Tables’ excellent after-sales service. Made from quality wood and outfitted with well-engineered internal mechanisms, these long-lasting pieces of furniture are the biggest reason why you shouldn’t give Soul & Tables a miss.

Store Review on Ethnicraft

What’s more, if you are an environmentally-conscious homeowner, you won’t have to worry about giving up on going green while furnishing your house.

Only ethically-sourced, sustainable Indonesian plantation teak and European (French and Serbian) oak are used as the company makes the extra effort to ensure that manufacturing processes do not contribute to deforestation. Even production waste, such as log remnants and sawdust, are put to good use – either as oven fuel, or as base material for palettes at our factories.

Once completed, these eco-friendly furnishings are then put on sale online, sold directly at our showrooms, or distributed to local businesses (in countries where Soul & Tables is unavailable).

Store Review on Ethnicraft

Over at the company’s showroom at Eunos, you can find good-looking pieces like the Oak Slice Extendable Table ($2,695), which can seat up to 12 when its movable top is fully pulled out; and the aesthetically pleasing Nesting Side Tables ($995, set of three) that can be neatly tucked away when not in use.

Store Review on Ethnicraft

Looking for something a little less hefty and more decorative? Soul & Tables also carries a curated selection of accessories and lightweight furniture available.

Equal parts stunning artwork and practical servingware, elegant trays from Notre Monde (from $45) will make for a classy addition to your home, whether they are placed on a coffee table or mounted on a wall.

There is also the Woven Chair Collection from Cane-line (from $100) that features easy to maintain and affordable seats – the perfect option if you like to include some rattan in your living spaces for a touch of tropical rusticity.

Store Review on Ethnicraft

On where the Belgian-based brand is positioned in the global furniture market. “You could say that we're the top of the middle segment,” says Jonathan. “If you were to draw a comparison to cars, we're not the Ferrari, we're not the Suzuki, but we're the Audi. What we sell isn't cheap, but there is value for what you are paying for.”

Considering the excellent quality, functional design and eco-friendliness of Soul & Tables’ furniture, you will probably be hard pressed to disagree.

Get Good Looking and Eco-Friendly Furniture from Soul & Tables

Going green doesn’t mean that you have to give up style and reliability. Pay a visit to Soul & Tables' showrooms at the Singapore Handicraft Building (Eunos) and Tan Boon Liat (Tiong Bahru) where you can get eco-friendly solid wood furniture, accompanied by complimentary services such as free delivery (in Singapore) and on-site maintenance!

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