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This Real-Life ‘Magic’ Mirror Is Taking Over Homes

Mirror mirror on the wall - who’s the smartest of them all?

The latest gadget to jump on the smart home bandwagon is straight out of all our childhood dreams. That's right, Snow White's 'Magic' mirror actually exists - and it's changing the way we live, one reflection at a time.

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Also known as FRED, this sleek, metal and glass accessory is a modern take on the Disney classic; and it even comes with a whole host of nifty tools and interactive elements. What’s the magic behind this it home gadget? Here are 5 insane features we can't wait to try out.

1. Keeps You Fit With Daily Health Reports

Beauty is not just skin deep - it’s about having a healthy body that runs as well as it looks! Sure, the usual mirrors can show surface signs about your well-being (like eye bags from sleepless nights), but FRED takes it further with its key feature - a health tracker that delivers real-time stats.

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How? The mirror can be synced to other smart devices to provide that data. Connect to your smart toothbrush to learn more about your dental health, or even your Fitbit device for vital stats like sleeping patterns, exercise activity and heart rate.

2. It Recognises You With In-Built Sensors

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While it can’t talk or tell the future (yet), there's still something magical about FRED that has got us captivated; it lights up when you call it to, and it even knows you!

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Don’t worry, this isn’t the work of some otherworldly enchantment. Using motion sensor technology, it turns on when it senses a presence, and goes to sleep when a user leaves its line of sight. Foregoing switches and buttons (for a simpler design and less risk of power trips), this nifty feature not only makes for a hassle free experience - it also spells good news for your electricity bill!

3. A Screen That Never Fogs Up

One of the biggest obstacles bathroom mirrors face in Singapore’s humid weather? It fogs up - all the time.

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Tackling this age-old issue, FRED’s water and mist-proof glass screen is a godsend, allowing the smart mirror to stay crystal clear and free from unsightly water vapour trapped within. So, whether it’s freezing cold or sweltering hot, you will never have to deal with fuzzy reflections screwing up your look.

4. Helps To Clean Up Your Air

Bad smells will give you wrinkles - if you’re constantly scrunching your face! Besides, dirty air filled with pollutants and dust are a total skin killer, leading to irritations and (the horror) pimple breakouts.

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With FRED, a mirror does more than reflect an image - we love that the smart mirror has an air purifier built within to cleanse air from nasty bacteria or dirt. The result? A clean, fresh smelling space that’s the perfect environment for your skin to breathe in.

5. Doubles As A Fancy Media Player

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Forget Curved TVs or iPad Pros, this is the statement tech piece your house needs. Perhaps its most exciting feature, FRED also doubles as an entertainment platform, complete with a music player, news feed and (gasp!) downloadable apps.

Just woken up? Keep up with the latest news (or Facebook posts) while you wash up. Stream your favourite makeup tutorials on Youtube and try them out in real-time. Or even better - tune in to Spotify, turning your shower into a private karaoke session with your favourite songs on blast. Soon, even your friends and family will be fighting over toilet breaks!

Snag A Magic Mirror (For Less)

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You don’t have to be a rich, (evil) Queen to own a ‘magic’ mirror. Bridging luxury with accessibility, every FRED smart mirror piece is carefully crafted yet highly attainable, with prices starting from USD $1,950 (approx.SGD $ 2,730).

Available in an exclusive Limited Champagne Gold finish, let your home be the talk of the town, with only 500 unique pieces available! Specially for Qanvast users, readers can also enjoy an additional USD $150 (approx. SGD $210) off. Simply enter the code 'QANVAST' when checking out with your first FRED purchase.

To shop and learn more, visit FRED's online site here.

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