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This Wallpaper Uses Technology from Japan to Keep Germs Away

Combats contagious viruses with 99.9% effectiveness – in just an hour!

Here’s a sobering fact: your home can be a real germ fest. These tiny, unwanted guests often lurk in the most unexpected of places and can be easily multiplied from just a single cough. With increasing concerns about airborne transmission of viruses, more homeowners are now investing in appliances or fittings for a cleaner, healthier home.

Introducing Lonprotect, Singapore’s first line of antiviral wallpaper that not only gives your walls a new (aesthetic) lease of life, but also serves as an added line of defense to protect your loved ones against harmful germs. Here’s how they work.

(P.S. read till the end for a limited time offer you won’t want to miss!)

Lonprotect wallpaper
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Innovative self-disinfecting technology to ensure 24/7 protection

Using advanced technology from Japan, Lonprotect wallpapers are specially formulated to shield against enveloped viruses – a large family of viruses that can cause illnesses ranging from the common cold to more serious infections such as COVID-19, SARS and pneumonia.

Lonprotect wallpaper
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How Lonprotect wallpapers eliminate viruses

These innovative wallpapers contain antiviral agents which work together to destroy virus particles that come into contact with the wallpaper’s surface, preventing them from multiplying. The result? A safer and more hygienic environment that’s free of nasty viruses.

They also come with antibacterial properties, are non-toxic and completely child safe. Backed by rigorous research and testing, Lonprotect surfaces are thus trusted by childcare establishments and healthcare organisations alike.

Lonprotect wallpaper
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Lonprotect wallpaper installations are done by Jestac’s in-house team of professionals

Granted, disinfectant sprays – for instance – can also help to eliminate such germs. But unlike such disinfectants, Lonprotect wallpapers do not require regular re-application to work. Instead, their self-disinfecting properties ensure round-the-clock protection that benefit you in the long run!

Designed to be resistant to mould, water and chemicals

Lonprotect wallpaper
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Lonprotect wallpapers come with a water-repellent coating, making them an ideal wall covering in Singapore’s humid weather

Given our humid climate, Singaporeans are no stranger to dealing with mould at home. In fact, these pesky (and incredibly persistent) intruders are a common cause of respiratory problems and the wear and tear of wallpapers.

That’s not an issue with Lonprotect wallpapers though. They’re equipped with a water-repellent coating that inhibits the growth of mould, and are resistant to acids, bases and organic solvents so you don’t have to worry about chemicals damaging the surface. This, in turn, makes them extremely easy to clean (more on that next).

Durable, scratch-resistant and easy to maintain

We all know how rambunctious young children and pets can get. If you’ve got either (or both) at home, you’ll be pleased to know that Lonprotect wallpapers are also scratch- and stain-resistant.

Lonprotect wallpaper
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Scratch-resistant and easy to clean, Lonprotect wallpapers are ideal for kids’ rooms and high-traffic areas

They’re pretty easy to clean too – a damp cloth with a mild cleaning solution will suffice for regular maintenance as and when needed. Should you encounter any stubborn residue or stains that are harder to remove, simply wipe down with over-the-counter cleaning alcohol and they’ll look as good as new.

Do keep in mind, however, to avoid harsher agents such as alkaline detergents, bleach or thinner.

Plenty of affordable, aesthetic options to choose from

Functionality aside, Lonprotect wallpapers score high on the style factor as well. With a wide array of designs – from simple minimalist textures to eye-catching printed motifs – these unique solutions are a fabulous way to jazz up your walls while bringing a fresh, practical twist to your spaces. Talk about the best of both worlds!

Lonprotect wallpaper
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Choose from over 20 plain and printed designs

Protect your home with Lonprotect

Give yourself an added peace of mind with a wallpaper that does it all for you. Combining design and functionality into one innovative wall covering solution, Lonprotect wallpapers are the perfect solution in keeping your home safe, functional yet beautiful.

Limited time offer

Lonprotect wallpaper
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From now till 30 April 2022, Lonprotect is having a special 50% off promotion on their wallpaper offerings at these exclusive prices:

  • 1 wall: $600 (U.P. $1,200)
  • 2 walls: $1,100 (U.P $2,200)
  • 3 walls: $1,500 (U.P $3,000)

Visit to learn more.

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