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Tiny Tweaks for a Quick Home Makeover

You want to give your home an uplift but don’t have the budget for new decor or furniture. Guess what – you don’t need to spend any money. What you need to spend is just 20 minutes of your life (or less) to make your home look better (or different) from before.

Toss out Clutter

A lot of times what you really need to do is a quick decluttering session. Here’s a tip to do this efficiently – take pictures of the different corners in your home. This helps you view your home in a new perspective as you may be too used to seeing things there. Hopefully, this motivates you to find a new home for your things.

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Add a Touch of Nature

Take cues from interior magazines; adding plants or blooms instantly add a nice natural touch to a room. Houseplants are gaining popularity; consider getting hardier plants if you don't have green fingers.

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Rearrange Your Furniture

While your house layout is fixed, your furniture and decor items need not be. Going beyond the grid gives your home a casual vibe.

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Add breathing spaces

A beautiful home is all about creating harmonious space. One quick way to do this is to move furniture slightly farther away from one another. It won’t take long to do but the effect is amazing – instantly, your home looks lighter, airier and more comfortable. One more tip? Pull your furniture just a few inches away from the wall.

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Swap Things Around

So many homes have just way too many stuff all around. So refrain from displaying everything all at once. Take away one or two of your nice decor, store it in a box and then swap over a few months later with something else. This way, you create a more breathable and relaxing space but still have plenty of other decor to revamp your house occasionally.

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