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Top 10 Eco-Friendly Items You Need and Didn’t Know Existed

Yes, there's even an eco-friendly "toothpaste"!

For those who are just starting out on your green journey, chances are you’d have already gotten the basics of a zero-waste lifestyle down. But don’t just ditch single-use straws and call it a day, why not take eco-living up a notch by replacing daily household products with a more sustainable option?

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From edible food packaging to toothpaste in powder form, here are 10 lesser-known eco-friendly alternatives that you can incorporate into your everyday routine — all while saving the planet from the comfort of your own home!

1. Compost bin | Converts food waste to fertiliser

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Image: The Green Collective

Let’s start from the heart of your home: the kitchen. Food wastage is real, and one easy way to reduce your trash output is by composting. Instead of throwing away food peels and leftovers, consider turning it into an environmentally-friendly fertiliser for your plants by using a sturdy compost bin like the one from The Green Collective!

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2. Stasher bag | Reduce single-use plastic cling wraps

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Image: HipVan

Touted as an “endlessly reusable" storage alternative, these silicone baggies aren't just for storing food, you can even cook or boil food that's in the bag!

The stasher bag is available at HipVan, The Paper Bunny The Green Collective at Funan, ToTT and iHerb.

3. Reusable kitchen towels | A durable dupe that biodegrades quickly

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Image: The Green Collective

Whether it’s for quick counter wipe-downs or mopping up a big spill, these reusable paper towels from Kliin has all your kitchen needs covered. Made of 100% natural fibres, it will last you for months and can be washed for up to 300 times (you can toss it into the washing machine!) before ending up in the compost bin, where it biodegrades and returns to earth in 28 days!

4. Eco- and dog-friendly grooming essentials | Caring for your pet is a sustainable choice too

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Image: things to come

You and your canine companions are in for a treat! Local aromatherapy brand things to come infuses their roll-on perfume with lavender and patchouli to take you both to a realm of relaxation. The brand also carries other grooming essentials (like a paw cleanser) and home fragrances (all dog-friendly!) so you can complete the "spa experience"!

5. BYOC with collapsible cups | Reduce single-use for drink takeaway

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Image: Stojo

Carrying a tumbler all day isn’t exactly the most convenient option, which is why we recommend getting these trusty collapsible cups for your morning coffee runs. Great for toting both hot and cold beverages, the Stojo collapses into a sleek portable disc that you can easily stash away or whip out, plus, it comes with a straw!

Get it from The Paper Bunny, The Sustainability Project and Shopee.

6. Edible food packaging | Combat plastic waste

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Image: evoware

You can now have your food and eat the wrapper too! In an effort to combat plastic waste, Indonesian startup evoware came up with the idea to make edible food packaging from farmed seaweed. The result: a 100% biodegradable jelly cup that’s chockfull of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Oh, and did we mention it’s Halal-certified?

Click here to buy the edible cups.

7. Dissolvable plastic bags | Save marine life

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Image: TeloBag

For those who find it hard to skip out on plastic baggies entirely, the TeloBag is a sustainable carrier replacement that looks and feels like one with one major difference — it’s able to dissolve in water! Made from cassava roots, the bag is also safe to be consumed by marine life if it (unfortunately) ends up in the ocean.

Swap all your plastic bags for eco-friendly alternatives!

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8. Organic bedding | Rest easy in these chemical-free sheets

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Image: Heavenluxe

Local brand Heavenluxe offers a great rest on their luxurious Austrian Tencel bedsheets, a lyocell fabric that comes from eucalyptus trees known to have amazing health benefits. These ultra-breathable sheets are also free of pesticides, insecticides and other harmful chemicals, so you can sleep easy knowing you’re making an eco-conscious choice.

Shop online on Qanvast!

9. Toothpaste powder | Ditch plastic tubes for a reusable glass alternative

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Image: Your Sustainable Store

Unlike commercial toothpaste that is packaged in a plastic tube, this one comes loaded with 100g of product in a recyclable glass bottle. It's made with natural ingredients like baking soda and peppermint essential oils, so ingesting it won't harm you. Just tap a small amount of powder onto a dish, dip a damp toothbrush into it and brush away!

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Image: Bamboo Straws Worldwide

Take things a step further by switching out your old toothbrush with a sustainable bamboo dupe!

10. Green cleaning products | The eco-conscious home cleaning supplies

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Image: The Clean Attempt

Before you reach for your favourite drugstore products, why not check out all-natural counterparts from The Clean Attempt instead? From reusable cotton pads to facial bars and beeswax wraps, these innovative yet low-waste products are sure to make your cleaning routine a little greener.

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Image: bio-home

You can even upgrade your household cleaning tools with bio-home's range of dishwashing liquids and laundry detergents — all made with plant-based ingredients and recyclable packaging!

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