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Top 5 Picks From T-Mall’s 9.25 Mega Sale

Guess what? You'd be hard pressed to find a home today that doesn't have at least one Taobao item in it. Featuring an infinite variety of products for your home’s fittings, furnishings, and even appliances at lower prices, it’s no wonder Taobao is the champ of online home decor shopping. Plus, with only certified sellers and brands under T-Mall, it gets even better with an added sense of ease.

Did Someone Say "SALE"?

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Price: ¥ 999.00 - 3226.00 (~ SGD 202 - 657)

That’s right - T-Mall is having its 9.25 Mega Sale, happening from 25 - 30 September. That’s all the more reason to give your home a cool revamp! If you’re just as excited as we are, but have no idea where to start, start off with some of our favourite picks:

All prices are accurate as of 25 September 2017.

1. This Fuss-Free, Neutral Sofa That Will Suit Any Interior Style

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Price: ¥ 1998.00 (~ SGD 407)

You can’t go wrong with this unassuming sofa! Its neutral palette looks good against any backdrop - be it a haphazard eclectic ensemble, or an uber-minimalist interior.

2. Get Organized with a MUJI-Inspired Study Table

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Price: ¥ 3478.00 (~ SGD 709)

This angular Scandinavian-inspired study table comes with a nifty swivel shelf attached, so you can find what best suits your room’s configuration, and change it up once in awhile!

3. A Flexible Modular Sofa You Can Mix-and-Match

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Price: ¥ 3999.00 (~ SGD 815)

Why not jazz up your living area with this snazzy modern sofa that injects a pops of colour, delivered in a contemporary style? It’s modular design enables you to lengthen the sofa if necessary, or use the extra piece as an ottoman - great for having friends and family over!

4. Crash Into This Plush, Comfy Bed

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Price: ¥ 438.00 (~ SGD 89)

Here’s our favourite spot at home - the bed! Just imagine falling onto these fluffy sheets and kicking it back at home. Using sheets in a single colour help keep your ruffled bed look clean and neat!

5. Deck Out Your Space with T-Mall’s Super Brand, 林氏木业 (Lin Shi Mu Ye)

Taking centre stage for T-Mall’s Super Brand Day campaign, is its #1 best-selling furniture brand, 林氏木业 (Lin Shi Mu Ye). All about embracing the minimalist way of life, sleek lines, clean-cut designs and compact frames define its collections - perfect for urbanites with new BTOs or small apartments. Donned in subtle, muted colours, these classic pieces aim to soothe and rejuvenate when you retreat home after a long day at work.

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Price: ¥ 1718.00 - 1828.00 (~ SGD 350 - 373)

Clean yet ultra-functional, this bedroom set ticks all the right boxes in space maximisation. Look beyond its minimalist, light wood finish, and hidden storage compartments and shelves abound!

Shop 林氏木业 (Lin Shi Mu Ye) here.

Time To Refresh Your Space

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Interior Designer: Mr Shopper Studio

One of the perks of shopping on T-Mall is finding everything you need, all in one place. Furniture? Check. Soft furnishings? Check. Kitchen and dining ware? Check. The scrolling never ends, and ideas to spiffy up your home keep rolling in; a snazzy new metallic console at the entryway, or perhaps some softness underfoot with a faux fur rug in the living room?

Whether you’re into cool, modern industrials or a homely Japanese Zen abode, the possibilities are endless at T-Mall! Check out more products here and start shopping.

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