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Upkeep These 4 Areas At Home And You'll Spend Less On Repairs

October 31, 2016

Do you remember the day you received the keys to your new home? As you took your first step in, greeted by the scent of fresh paint, sparking flooring and a glistening toilet - didn’t it feel like paradise? Fast-forward a decade and that dream is fast becoming a nightmare. Here are some areas you should focus on maintaining at home before things start to fall apart.

1. Toilets

Having a leaky toilet tank will not only cost you money when your utility bills arrive, but it also leads to wear and tear of your toilet’s internal system. To find out whether your toilet tank is faulty, add some food colouring directly to the cistern. Return in about an hour and check if the water in the bowl is coloured − coloured water signals a leakage. Contact your plumber immediately to get a flapper replacement. If there is no sign of leakage, flush a couple of times to flush away the coloured ink.

Upkeep These 4 Areas At Home And You'll Spend Less On Repairs

Image credit: Glamour Concept

2. Baths

Have you ever complained about the “weak” water pressure in your shower, when the pressure in every other faucet around the house seems perfectly fine. If you are in this situation, you most likely have a clogged shower head. Over time, the minerals like calcium might build up inside your shower head. A simple solution is to partially fill a plastic bag with vinegar and wrap the bag around the shower head. The acidity of the vinegar breaks down the mineral deposits, which results in better water flow.

Upkeep These 4 Areas At Home And You'll Spend Less On Repairs

Image credit: Uno Interior

3. Air Conditioners

A must have in every Singaporean household, air conditioners play an important role in our daily lives. Due to our heavy dependence on air conditioners, many homes often over-work their appliances. Clean your air conditioner filters regularly as they tend to trap dirt and dust easily. Having clogged filters causes the unit to consume extra electricity to provide the same level of coolness. Also, do not forget to service your AC unit every 3-6 months to extend its longevity.

Upkeep These 4 Areas At Home And You'll Spend Less On Repairs

Image credit: Sky Creation Asia

4. Refrigerators

For most Singaporean households, the refrigerator is the second highest contributor to the utility bill after air conditioning. Thus, having an energy efficient fridge is important. The main component that should receive most attention is the door seals. Having tight door seals reduces the amount of energy it takes to keep your food cool or frozen. To test the seals, close the door on a sheet of paper and attempt to pull it out with the door closed. If the paper sits firmly, the seals are in good shape. If it does not, you should get the seal replaced.

Upkeep These 4 Areas At Home And You'll Spend Less On Repairs

Image credit: Story Of Us

In short, many of the problems described above can be solved with regular home maintenance. Performing a health check on your appliances every now and then could lead to huge savings in the long run.

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