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Use Glass & Mirror Walls for a Brighter, More Spacious Home

They aren’t just fancy to look at – there are several practical upsides to using glass and mirror walls as well.

There is something about glass and mirror walls that lead to their popularity as a permanent fixture in many homes these days. Is it their instant injection of urban chic, or is it their ability to divide an open area while keeping it visually spacious?

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Whatever they are, these fixtures are extremely versatile, and great at diffusing light, keeping the house bright and illuminated. Here are some homes that incorporate glass plus mirror walls in fun and creative ways.

Glass Walls

Keep things open and bright

1. This study room with walls of glass exudes an open, no-secrets vibe. The white frames add some geometric interest that helps to heighten the austere feeling of the entire apartment. You know that there will never be any dullness in this apartment because of how bright it is, with sunlight pouring in through the wide windows when the blinds are up.

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2. Balance out the dark cool colours with natural lighting and glass walls. Glass walls are great for brightening up dark corners, and making a small space look visually larger (like this living and dining area), amplifying its urban appeal.

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They are practical yet versatile options

3. The half-hacked wall used to be done to death, but we have to admit that it has a functional appeal of offering a sense of open-ness in the otherwise dim and narrow corridor, and a tinge of privacy in the communal spaces.

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4. Not really a wall per se; what gives glass doors that tiny edge over fixed glass walls is probably their winning ability to create the illusion of open space and actually open up to another room.

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Mirror Walls

Adds instant class for that opulent look

5. Enjoy living on the finer side of life? Then you will love this full mirror wall with bold black framing. Louva Project Services complemented it with cleverly placed marble and gold accents to turn this condominium into the epitome of sophisticated luxury.

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Turn them into a stunning feature wall

6. When space is at a premium, it always pays to work in a full-length mirror wall that doubles as your home’s accent wall! Case in point: The reflective surfaces might be the focal point in this Dover Road apartment, but they work in tandem with the white palette to create a visually spacious home.

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Use them to conceal a room

7. This Japandi home uses a similar concept to the above, except their full-length mirror wall actually conceals a room from plain sight – handy if you need to keep your private spaces away from prying eyes!

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