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Use Your Ceiling to Stand Out: 8 Cool Designs to Copy From

April 2, 2019

What’s notoriously kept as is in a home? The plain white plasterboard ceiling! Often left alone or overlooked in the design process, the overhead surfaces may have not much to offer at first glance but they can be worked and transformed into the home’s focal point!

In fact, that’s what these daring homeowners did – they took the blank feature and converted it into a visual standout! Who knows, you may just be inspired in turn!

Spring Gardens by Ethereall

Interior Firm: Ethereall

Moldings & False Ceilings

1. You’ve heard of wall trims and moldings. Now think bigger and elevate it. This home replicated their wall design and had it installed as a ceiling feature. In addition, the white used here cuts a stark contrast against the muted gray and the juxtaposition turns it into a visual marvel.

Serangoon Central by D Initial Concept

Interior Firm: D Initial Concept

2. Looking into for something that’s a little more low-maintenance? Mix and match a variety of ceiling trims. Not only does it add interest to a space, they can also be used to host cove lights for ambient lighting!

The Brownstone by

Interior Firm:

3. Unless you’re following a specific theme, you could always introduce an unorthodox shape into your surface and inject zest by painting the sides in a vibrant hue, like this orange for instance.

Kovan Regency by Free Space Intent

Interior Firm: Free Space Intent

4. Veer away from the traditional with round-edged false ceilings. Paired with cove lights, this condominium is no less inviting, exuding pure comfort and warmth.

The Ambrosia by Para.graph

Interior Firm: Para.graph

Tiles & Other Raw Features

5. Though more commonly reserved for bathrooms or to fill the area between countertops and cabinets, mosaic tiles make a reappearance here… on the roof. To keep the room from looking too busy, the mosaics incorporated are a monochrome black. Despite the lack of a vibrant colour or pattern, the mosaic is still infinitely sublime – especially when the light hits it just right.

The Seawind by Habit

Interior Firm: Habit

6. Forgo typical feature walls and play up your ceilings instead. Check out how this home used stained plywood to make a striking impression at the entryway. Not only does it elongate the area, the darker hues add warmth.

Greenwich by Prozfile Design

Interior Firm: Prozfile Design

7. Speaking of wooden features, here’s how you can change things up to achieve a rustic yet charming look! Think exposed wood beams set against a white backdrop, complemented by simple furniture and fixtures for that homely feel.

Spring Gardens by Ethereall

Interior Firm: Ethereall

8. Instead of having solid wood, consider cladding your ceilings in carpentry laminate for a glam yet affordable look. And don't forget to pair it with marble accents, dark hues and metallic fittings that will give your home an added sophisticated touch.

Tampines Central 8 by Rockin Spaces
Tampines Central 8 by Rockin Spaces

Interior Firm: Rockin Spaces

Now that you've gathered some design inspiration for your ceilings, why not talk to our professionals and start planning out your renovation?

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