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Want Marble or Stone Floors? Here’s How to Care for Them

While it’s been used in many iconic landmarks, the truth is, marble and other stone flooring options sure cost a pretty penny! However, there’s no denying that these floors add a touch of magnificence to your home.

If you’re already planning to fork out a small fortune to clad your home in them or you’re still on the fence, it won’t hurt to learn the proper care methods – despite what you heard, maintenance can be done in a few quick, easy and affordable steps! Here’s what you really need to know to keep your floors looking luxurious and fresh.

The Teneriffe by 19 Eighty Three
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1. The basic sweeping methods

Similar to most flooring, stone has to be cleaned frequently but this time with a clean, non-treated dust mop – it helps to catch the dirt and sand without scratching the surface of the stone. Run the mop in a linear direction, not in a back and forth motion to reduce chances of abrasion and prevent build-up of debris.

The Criterion by Anhans Interior Design
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2. Can these floors be vacuumed?

Vacuums can be used but do be cautious when you do so! With its wheels, rollers, brushes and hard edges, the traditional vacuum cleaner can be pretty damaging to the floor surface.

Bellewaters by Voila
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3. How to best clean up spills

It’s common knowledge that any type of natural stone floors will be porous, which means that you have to clean your spills as fast as possible. Letting any spill, including water, sit could leave a stain on the stone. Simply blot the affected area with a soft cloth, wash with water and mild soap, then rinse thoroughly.

Another method is to create a barrier that resists stains using a sealant – just spray, wipe into the flooring with a lint-free cloth then buff down and allow the sealer to cure.

Stirling Road by Posh Home
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4. Getting rid of mold growth

Since mold grows on highly absorbent surfaces, it’s no surprise that marble and other natural stone serve as a breeding ground. Keep your tiles dry using high-powered fans or a dehumidifier to prevent such growth.

Ferraria Park by The Scientist
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5. Or skip the hassle with this all-in-one cleaner

If that sounds like a lot of upkeep for just one surface of the home and you want to save yourself the trouble, just use the Magiclean Crystal Shine for Marble & Stone! The latest formulation gives marble floors that brilliant luster with repeated use, so it looks as good as new.

marble and stone floor
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Source: Magiclean

And that’s not all: It kills 99.9% bacteria, thoroughly lifts stains without leaving behind watermarks and dries quickly with a comfy foot feel. You can even use it to clean other floor surfaces in your home – so yes, it’s pretty darn adaptable!

P.S. Shop during the month of May and get Magiclean Crystal Shine for only $7.95 islandwide at major retailers (usual price: $8.50)!

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