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We Found 8 of the Best Home Projectors for Every Need and Budget

Bigger screens, better experience.

Projectors have come a long way since their OHP days. While they were only able to project physical images back then, they can now be used for a variety of purposes, like watching movies and playing video games.

So, if you’re thinking of getting one yourself, look no further. We’ve covered the basic terms you need to know before buying a projector, as well as 8 of the best home projectors you can get in Singapore!

Key terms to know before buying a projector:

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Before selecting a projector, it’s helpful to know a few terms:

  • Resolution: depicts the clarity of a projected image. Many projectors have a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, but there are some that are able to project 4K images as well.
  • Lumens: measures a projector’s brightness level – the higher the number, the more usable it is in well-lit environments. Projectors with 2,000 lumens or less are best used in pitch-black rooms, while projectors with higher lumens can be used in rooms with ambient lighting.
  • Throw distance: measures the distance from the lens to the screen surface. Some projectors require less room to display a big-sized image (short-throw projectors), while others need much more (long-throw projectors) to do so.
  • Keystone correction: looks at the projector’s ability to alter the projected image to make it even and rectangular.

Now that you know what these terms mean, here are the best home projectors you can get right now:

For a value-for-money option: the LUMOS AURO projector ($299)

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Source: LUMOS Projector

Everyone loves a homegrown brand, and LUMOS Projector is no exception. You may recognise their LUMOS Auro projector that made waves on social media a while back – and believe us, there’s a good reason behind the hype.

Not only is it equipped with full HD resolution, it also offers a whopping 6,000 lumens that guarantee richer, more vibrant visuals. Plus, it supports Dolby Audio, resulting in crisper sounds for the ultimate viewing experience.

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Source: LUMOS Projector

With all these specifications, you’d expect this projector to cost a bomb. But here’s the kicker – it only costs $299. It’ll cost a little more if you want the smart version with the YouTube and Netflix apps pre-installed ($398), but even then, both variants are much cheaper than the average home projector – truly a value-for-money purchase!

Buy the LUMOS AURO projector here.

For gaming: BenQ TH585 ($999)

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Well-known for their array of gaming monitors, BenQ also has their own line of home projectors. Of note is the BenQ TH585, which is designed to create a seamless, yet immersive gaming experience. It even works in tight spaces, thanks to its 1.1x zoom and digital lens shift technology.

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Game Mode Off (left) and On (right) | Source: BenQ

With a speedy response time of 16ms, it promises smooth, lag-free gameplay – perfect for FPS or sports games. And as if the 1080p resolution wasn’t enough, the projector also comes with an additional Game Mode, which amps up colours and contrasts for even clearer graphics.

Buy the BenQ TH585 projector here.

For small homes: the Samsung Freestyle ($1,499)

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Source: Samsung

Boasting style and practicality, the Samsung Freestyle is a great choice for small homes. Not only does its short throw ratio create huge screen sizes in tight spaces, the adjustable stand also allows you to project anywhere on the wall or ceiling.

Plus, the auto keystone, focus, and levelling features ensure crystal-clear images that remain perfectly rectangular and level, no matter what surface you’re projecting on.

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Source: Samsung

Additionally, it’s equipped with a ton of smart features – like a built-in smart assistant and mobile mirroring, for instance. Samsung and Android users can also mirror their smartphones by simply tapping it against the Freestyle, or stream live TV broadcasts directly from their Samsung TV!

Buy the Samsung Freestyle here.

For late night movie marathons: Xiaomi Smart Projector 2 Pro ($999)

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Source: Mi

If you love catching a midnight movie, the Xiaomi Smart Projector 2 Pro might be just what you need to recreate that experience in the comfort of your own home.

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Source: Mi

While its 1,300 lumens bulb does cause the image quality to falter near other light sources, it makes up for it by churning out vibrant colours with the HDR10. The 10W built-in speakers also ensure superb audio performance – so no need to plug in an external speaker.

Buy the Xiaomi Smart Projector 2 Pro here.

For bigger open-concept rooms: Anker Nebula Cosmos ($1,099)

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Source: Anker Singapore

With its metallic, oval chassis and a top panel that lights up with a field of stars, the Anker Nebula Cosmos does not look like your average projector.

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Source: Anker Singapore

At a hefty size of 13.8 x 9.8 x 3.9 inches, it’s definitely not one you’d bring out on a picnic. But it is one you’d use for movie nights at home, especially with its native resolution of 1080p (and an ability to bump it up to 4K), as well as beefy speakers that deliver 360° audio.

While it works well enough in the bedroom, it actually does better in the living room, as its long throw distance means you’ll need a fair amount of space to get a bigger screen size.

Buy the Anker Nebula Cosmos here.

For presentations or business meetings: Epson EX5260 ($2,077)

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Source: Epson

If you’re looking to get a projector for the home office, the Epson EX5260’s your best bet. No need to draw the curtains while using it – at 3,600 lumens, it prevents images from looking washed out, even if it’s used in a well-lit room.

Unlike the other projectors on this list, this one has a native XGA resolution. While that means it’s not ideal for movies or gaming, it does make it particularly useful for text-heavy documents, like Excel sheets or financial reports that usually has tiny text and numbers.

Buy the Epson EX5260 here.

For 4K streaming: Viewsonic X10-4K ($2,599)

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Source: Viewsonic

Your favourite shows may be great, but watching them in 4K is a whole ‘nother experience. With the Viewsonic X10-4K, you’ll not only be able to stream them in 4K, but its short-throw lens also means you can watch them on a 120-inch screen – from just a few metres away!

Source: ViewSonic

This projector also comes with a bunch of other neat features, which include:

  • Built-in compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant voice control
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for easy streaming
  • An Eye Protection mode that turns the projection off when it senses objects near the lens – great for protecting the eyes when someone (like a rambunctious young child) wanders in front of the projector.

Buy the Viewsonic X10-4K here.

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Projectors are a dime a dozen these days, but with their respective standout features, these 8 home projectors have proven to be the cream of the crop. Now, it's up to you choose the right one!

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