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We Found a Water Purifier That Fits into Any Modern Home

And it’s got 4 major design awards to prove it.

Kitchen appliances used to be more about functionality rather than design — but not anymore. Design-conscious homeowners, it’s time to give your kitchen a style upgrade with a Wells The One water purifier, which blends modern performance with striking aesthetics to create a distinctive look for your kitchen.

Check out some of its noteworthy features below!

Sleek, minimalist design that blends seamlessly into modern spaces

Wells The One water purifier
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View this project by Mr Shopper Studio (left) and ChengYi Interior Design (right).

Forget bulky appliances – this ultra-compact device measures at just 8.8cm wide, making it the world’s slimmest water purifier, able to fit into even the tightest corners. Its filtration system is cleverly hidden underneath the counter*, saving valuable countertop space and minimising clutter - in turn giving your kitchen a clean, streamlined appearance.

What’s more, it comes in a premium build which makes it a standout centrepiece that works effortlessly in any modern kitchen. And don’t just take it from us; it’s also got a nod of approval from 4 major design awards, including the iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award. Tie that in with a stellar array of features, and you have plenty of reason to put it on proud display at home.

*Note that the appliance requires drilling a 3.8cm-sized hole onto your kitchen surfaces, so be sure to think about the placement carefully prior to installation!

Does away with typical buttons, and has a motion sensor

Wells The One water purifier
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Designed to be intuitive and simple to use, it’s equipped with a digital display and wheel control that lets you adjust the water temperature and amount of water (6 and 4 presets respectively) you wish to dispense with just one touch, doing away with typical buttons for a cleaner look.

Wells The One water purifier
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On top of that, it features a rotating faucet that enables you to dispense water in any direction you want, which is particularly useful when filling up larger bottles or cookware, without its tray getting in the way.

It’s also incredibly tech-savvy to boot, with a human body detection sensor that automatically prepares itself for use as soon as it picks up motion nearby. How smart is that?

A self-sterilising water purifier with little to no maintenance required

Wells The One water purifier
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Wells The One is upgraded with an improved filtration system that’s capable of removing different types of heavy metals and other harmful microorganisms making sure that your water is clean and safe for consumption. In addition to its purifying performance, it comes with an auto water drainage system that empties out your water pipes every 24 hours to prevent buildup of contaminants.

As an added measure for hygiene, it also utilises an electrolysing technique that effectively sterilises every part of the water purifier every three days. This eliminates the need for regular servicing, and ensures that you’re getting healthier, fresher and better-tasting H2O at all times. No excuse to drink up now!

A premium solution customised for your kitchen needs

Wells The One water purifier
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If you’re looking for a functional yet aesthetically-pleasing solution for your everyday hydration needs, Wells The One is the one for you. Available in three premium colours (red, white and dark brown), the beauty of this water purifier is that it can be incorporated into anywhere you want – be it the kitchen sink, countertop or island – without compromising on overall accessibility. Simply install it, and enjoy clean, filtered water for you and your family!

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