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We Found the Perfect Housewarming Gifts for Every New Homeowner

Things your host will ACTUALLY use daily!

Moving into a new home is a big reason to celebrate. If you know someone who has recently dipped their baby toes onto the property ladder, what better way to show your support for this milestone than a thoughtful housewarming gift?

Futur Living
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Choosing the perfect gift that your recipient will appreciate (and actually use!) can be a huge challenge, so we did the legwork for you. Forget about the fancy wine and cutlery sets – we’re talking about these functional yet aesthetically pleasing home appliances from Futur Living that are sure to make for a pretty neat addition to their stylish new digs. Check them out!

(P.S. keep reading till the end for an exclusive limited time offer.)

1. STAR Water Purifier

Futur Living
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Good for:

  • Busy homeowners
  • Design-conscious homeowners
  • Owners of small homes
  • Families

You can’t go wrong with a water purifier. Perfect for busy homeowners, the STAR Water Purifier dispenses purified water at 5 different temperatures so you (or in this case, your host) can save time on boiling and cooling water.

Be it a glass of refreshingly cold H2O after a run, or a nice cup of chamomile tea to unwind after a long day, your host will thank you for the gift of perfectly chilled or fresh hot water on demand, all within seconds for the ultimate convenience factor. If there’s a baby in the family, this also makes it easier to prepare formula milk at the ideal feeding temperature (especially if they wake up hungry in the middle of the night!).

Futur Living
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What’s more, this water purifier provides a safer and more hygienic option for the whole family. It comes equipped with duo cleaning capabilities for easier maintenance: a high-level UV sterilisation system that effectively filters out potential toxins, combined with a rapid machine flushing function to prevent mineral deposit buildup within the internal tubes.

Futur Living
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The STAR Water Purifier in Cream (left) and Graphite (right)

The icing on top? Unlike other bulky appliances, this sleek tankless dispenser has a compact design measuring at just 15cm in width, which means it can easily fit into small kitchens effortlessly without taking up precious countertop space. And it comes in two gorgeous colours (Cream and Graphite) that are versatile enough to fit into any interior.

2. DAWN Air Purifier

Futur Living
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Good for:

  • Those with allergies/respiratory issues
  • Pet lovers
  • Families with young children

Having fresh, clean air at home is of utmost importance, and what better way to get rid of all those pesky pollutants than an air purifier? What makes the DAWN Air Purifier special is that it comes with a medical-grade HEPA filter, which makes it capable of eliminating 99.97% of bacteria in the air as well as other contaminants like dust, pollen, mould. Plus, it’s also effective at removing pet dander. So not only does it make an ideal housewarming gift for those with asthma or allergies, it’s also suitable for households with a furry friend or two!

We especially love that this air purifier works hard, but smart. It comes with a sensor that detects surrounding air quality, providing real-time display and adjusts its purification settings accordingly to ensure good air quality. It’s also incredibly quiet with just 20db of sound output, which means your host won’t have to worry about causing a disturbance if they have young children or a baby in the household.

On top of that, it has a large coverage area of 80 sqm, which is just under the floor area of a 4-room BTO. Definitely a must-have for new homeowners!

3. Futur Purification Duo

Futur Living
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Good for:

  • Health-conscious homeowners
  • Hosts you REALLY want to show your appreciation to

If you can’t decide on which to get for your beloved hosts, why not gift them with both? The Futur Purification Duo consists of the DAWN Air Purifier and STAR Water Purifier (in either colour) so your recipients can enjoy the benefits of high-quality drinking water and better indoor air quality in one package.

And because kindness begets kindness, you get to save $100 when you purchase both appliances as a bundle deal.

Exclusive limited time offer

Whether you're welcoming a new neighbour or celebrating your BFF’s move to their first apartment, consider these cool finds from Futur Living that commemorate the beginning of a new chapter of life in their new home. After all, what better gift for those you hold dear than the gift of health?

Bonus: use the promo code < Qanvast10 > to enjoy a 10% storewide discount from 1 to 15 Sep 2022 – just in time for your upcoming housewarming party.

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