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We Got Design Pros to Weigh in on 2019’s Reno Trends Again!

Time to shake things up, once more.

Last December, we asked a couple of local interior designers to share their thoughts about what would be trending in Singapore homes in 2019. And now that the year has drawn to the halfway mark, it’s time for another update!

Punggol Drive by The Local INN.terior
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Which trends are overused? Are there any alternatives? And what fresh ideas/features do interior designers want you to try? Read on to find out what’s making their way into (and out of) local homes!

What’s Going Out:

According to the designers we spoke to, the appeal of Scandinavian homes is growing tired.

“I would say Scandinavian is overused. Many of the homeowners we meet ask for it, and there are countless examples of such homes.

I do feel Scandinavian decor is nice and earthy, but it’s better to have something that conveys your personality because it adds character to your home.”

– Raemond Teo, Intrigue-d Design Consultancy

Commonwealth Drive by Authors • Interior & Styling
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“Talking about styles, I would say the most commonly-used look is Scandinavian right now. In terms of approach, that would mean pairing elements like earth tones, white/grey hues, and wood together.

You tend to see a lot of homes with such details across social media because the market has been swayed this way; mainstream furniture stores are mostly about the Scandi look. And because of that Singaporeans are inclined towards Scandinavian-style homes because they can get matching furniture at pocket-friendly prices.”

– Martin Ngo, Schemacraft Interiors Pte Ltd

To break away from the Scandinavian look, designers recommend either moving away from the minimalist trend OR mixing things up with another style.

Levenue by Habit
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“Personally, I’ve got nothing against the Scandi look, but homeowners can consider choosing bolder colours and trying out more vibrant looks – such as eclectic decor or Maximalism, which is the opposite of minimalism – as an alternative.”

– Marcus Toh, Jubilee Interior

“Hybrid designs are an upcoming trend. For instance, there’s the Japandi look, which is basically Japanese aesthetics plus Scandinavian features. The overall look is still minimalist, but it’s also warm and cosy at the same time, and that makes it more interesting and personal.”

– Martin Ngo, Schemacraft Interiors Pte Ltd

Meanwhile, classy contemporary features – think white marble and subway tiles – are also thought to be used in excess:

Euphony Gardens by Lim Ai Tiong (LATO) Architects
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“I think white marble is everywhere, whether it’s (in the form of) laminates, quartz, or the actual stone. And to be honest, I think the look is getting tired. There’s also the issue of it getting dirty easily because it’s, well, white.

I would recommend either a greyish or off-white surface instead – something a bit more edgy or industrial, and also easier to maintain in terms of colours.”

– Asyiah Lee, Craftwerkz Interior

Jalan Tenteram by Authors • Interior & Styling
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“Subway tiles are trendy and affordable, but they have been overused to the point where I feel they just make your kitchen or bathroom cookie-cutter, which kind of goes against the idea of designing a home that’s uniquely yours.

There are so many alternatives for backsplashes that are worth trying, such as geometric tiles and glass backings which have beautiful designs spray painted on the inside.”

– William Lim, Authors • Interior & Styling

What's Coming In:

If you’re looking for fresh renovation ideas to experiment with, these are the design features that interior designers believe are worth trying!

Glendale Park by Schemacraft
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1. Integrated sinks

“I think integrated sinks are something that homeowners may want to get. They are getting some attention lately because of how sleek they look; integrated sinks are made from the same slab and material as their countertops, so they are really seamless.”

– Asyiah Lee, Craftwerkz Interior

2. Large format tiles

“Instead of regular floor tiles, I would encourage homeowners to try large-format tiles, particularly those that are 3 meters by 1.5 meters.

These tiles are a break away from the standard HDB ones, which come in a standard 30 cm by 30 cm size. Plus, they look glamorous because they have less joint lines.

You can get these (large-format) tiles at Hafary, Soon Bee Huat, and at boutique shops, like RICE, so visit them to see the difference for yourself.”

– Martin Ngo, Schemacraft Interiors Pte Ltd

Parc Oasis by Adroit ID
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3. Resin and epoxy flooring

“I am using a resin flooring from an Italian brand called Cubo for an upcoming project, and I think it’s something that homeowners can consider if price isn’t an issue, because it costs more than regular tiles.

Another flooring option that I feel could see more use is epoxy. It’s scratch-resistant, and I would even say chip-resistant, which is why you see it in industrial spaces like workshops and warehouses.

Epoxy also a nice consistency that makes it a viable alternative to cement screed, and it isn’t pricey. Including a leveling cost of $1.50 to $2, it should work out to a price of about $4 per square foot.”

– Raemond Teo, Intrigue-d Design Consultancy

Bishan Street 22 by Liid Studio
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Interior design trends are constantly in flux – always growing, evolving, and sometimes, returning – and because of that we always have a finger on the pulse of the renovation industry in Singapore.

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