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We Want These Ultra-Cool Japanese Inventions in Our Homes

May 25, 2021 · Paid Partnership with W.Atelier

The future is here, at TOTO.

TOTO technology

If there’s one thing the Japanese are really good at, it’s their ability to come up with the most high-tech solutions yet.

One brand that does this brilliantly is iconic toilet-maker TOTO, the original mastermind behind the highly coveted Washlet that has been making a splash in many homes around the world. Not only did they sell out millions of units, this beloved bidet has also received several prestigious awards including the iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award.

So, what exactly makes TOTO’s technology so downright revolutionary? Let’s take a deeper look.

1. Air-In Wonder Wave: Greater comfort with every wash

What many don’t know is that a bidet is in fact a more hygienic and sustainable option that good ol’ toilet paper.

Not just any ordinary bidet, TOTO’s signature Washlet line features the Air-In Wonder Wave technology, which uses large air-filled water droplets for complete cleansing and a gentler, more comfortable washing sensation than regular bidets.

TOTO technology

TOTO Washlet

And don’t you worry about water wastage. This unique cleansing system is so efficient that it actually helps to reduce water consumption so you can save on your bills and do your part for the environment.

2. Tornado Flush: 360-degree flush for a more thorough cleanse

Flushing in regular toilet bowls generally isn’t as thorough as we think, allowing harmful microbes to remain.TOTO’s Tornado Flush system utilises two powerful nozzles to effectively cleanse both the rim and the bowl, even in hard-to-reach areas where dirt and bacteria tend to build up most easily. In just one clean swirl, your toilet will be left sparkling clean – all thanks to its 360-degrees cleaning power!

TOTO technology

3. EWater+: Automatic mist that repels dirt and waste

Every TOTO Washlet is equipped with a self-cleaning wand, which automatically cleans the entire toilet bowl thoroughly with electrolysed water to ensure optimum hygiene conditions at all times.

TOTO technology

Known as EWater+, the wand sprays out antibacterial mist before and after each use – and even when it’s not being used – to prevent the accumulation of dirt and germs not visible to the naked eye.

TOTO technology

4. CeFiONtect: Ion-barrier coating that eliminates microscopic waste

Did you know? Although ceramic has a seemingly smooth surface, it actually has gaps where waste, mold and bacteria tend to thrive. Not for TOTO’s toilets – its bowls are coated with CeFiONtect technology, a special glaze with microscopic surface ridges that are far smaller than any waste generated so there’s no room for any of these pesky particles to even sneak in. Just a simple flush is enough to wash ‘em all away!

TOTO technology

TOTO Neorest Series

If you fancy getting down to business in a more luxurious way, the Neorest Series combines all of TOTO’s advanced features – Tornado Flush, EWater+, CeFiONtect and more – into one seamless, elegant system. Like the other Washlet models, it also comes complete with an auto open and close lid, deodoriser and heated seat for an unparalleled spa-like experience.

5. GA & LF Series: Sleek, contemporary fittings for the bathrooms of today

Last but not least, complete the spa-like experience with TOTO’s selection of bathroom fittings and accessories which boasts some equally impressive tech specs as well. The GA series, for instance, features the EcoCap aerated water technology – which incorporates air within the water to produce a full water jet while minimising water usage. It doesn’t disappoint in the looks department either; this single-lever faucet has a sleek and contemporary glide design that won the Red Dot Design Award 2018, which makes it a perfect addition to any modern bathroom.

TOTO technology

TOTO GA Series

Or if you’re looking for something designed for everyday use, the LF series has a gorgeous chrome finish that elevates even the smallest of bath spaces. Plus, it’s a low-flow faucet so that helps you to save water in the long run.

TOTO technology

TOTO LF Series

Enjoy the best of Japanese technology in the comfort of your own home

TOTO technology

You can now bring your dream bathroom to life with TOTO’s award-winning range of high-tech offerings! Head down to the TOTO gallery showroom to witness these cutting-edge technologies in its full glory and score some great discounts at TOTO’s Great Singapore Sale, happening from 21 May to 31 July 2021:

Don’t miss out on this in-store promotion!

Storewide of 30%, and
+5% when you spend $5,000 and more
+10% when you spend $10,000 and more

The TOTO gallery showroom is located at 201 Henderson Road, #03-01. Click here for more information on TOTO's Great Singapore Sale 2021.

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