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What To Expect When Renovating A Home

How Much Money Do You Need?

It really depends on the size of your house and how much work it needs. But renovation charges usually range from around $50,000 to $80,000 for resale 4- or 5-room flats, and between $30,000 to $50,000 for BTO flats (refer to our price guide here).

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Engaging An Interior Designer

Once you’ve pretty much decided on a design theme, it’s time to look for an interior designer. Not sure who? Try downloading the free Qanvast app. It lets you view portfolios from up to 200 firms, read homeowners’ reviews and request for a free quote – making it easier to narrow your selection.

At this time, you may shortlist about three interior designers, or let Qanvast help you with that, then meet with all of them to see which best suits your budget, design theme and work style. Don’t forget to bring your floor plan when meeting with the designer.

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When you have finally decided which interior designer to work with. Time to get started on the renovation process. Always document your design requirements, just in case there are any misunderstandings along the way. Also, you’ll need to obtain from the designer all specific measurements for areas allotted to major furniture and appliances (e.g. fridge), so that you’ll know what to shop for.

How Long Do Renovations Take?

The interior designer usually takes about two or four weeks to complete the 3D designing process. The actual renovation will probably take around 8 to 10 weeks for BTO flats, new ECs and condos, and 12 to 14 weeks for resale flats. You should also factor in a one- or two-week delay as there may be hiccups along the way. After the renovation is done, you may want to give it a few more weeks for any rectification works before moving in.

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What Are Some Hiccups?

You Busted Your Budget…
Most renovation packages provide only basic works like electrical and carpentry, so you might incur extra charges for more work. Also, better materials might end up costing more than expected, so it’s best to find a designer who will be upfront and honest with you.

The Materials You Want Are Out Of Stock…
You might not be able to get that dreamy white brick wall (gasp!). There’s a chance in-demand materials may not be readily available, so be prepared to compromise – or spend more.

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Your Designer Drives You Crazy
Sometimes, there may be friction. So it helps to work with someone you can trust and communicate with. A good interior designer should ideally be flexible and willing to rectify or mediate problems. He should also be transparent and upfront with his costing and understand your design brief well. And he must be accountable and reachable at all times, i.e. have a WhatsApp chat group.

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The Nitty-Gritty Details You Need To Know

It’s easy to overlook these little information are often overlooked. But they are important:

  • Where are the cable and wiring points
  • Water points for appliances that require water supply, for e.g. your washing machine
  • Turning on your PUB/SP services up and running before renovation
  • When the furniture is being delivered and who’s receiving them (it better not be the workers)
  • Any inherent defects to bring up to developer
  • How to apply for season parking
  • Your neighbours. Just so they know you’ll be drilling and knocking things down
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To Save Time…

Streamline your design ideas and follow your theme closely. Also try to do multiple things at a time, like shopping for your furniture while looking for ideas.

To Save Trouble…

Hire an interior designer. It may cost more, but it will save you the hassle of managing the renovation on your work. Also, have a contingency fund to afford any last minute changes or mishap that could happen along the way.

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Qanvast can give you a headstart on your renovation journey. Request for a free quote today with your style preferences and budget and we’ll match you up with trusted interior designers within a week.

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