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What You Need To Know When Designing Your Bathroom (1)

December 7, 2016

Designing your private sanctuary can be mind-boggling when faced with a myriad of choices in the market. Unlike furniture where they have distinct styles and characteristics, bathroom fittings and wares often comes in similar designs and functions and more often than not, it's left with the price factor that influences the purchase decision.

It is important to understand that the items you are selecting to be in your bathroom should fit your requirements. In this two-part series, we got Ferrara Asiapac to dispel the confusion among the various options and highlight a few pointers on what you should take note before you make the purchase on your bathroom fittings.

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###1. There are many reputable brands in the market. Is there any significant difference among the various brands, just to name a few - Grohe, HansGrohe, Crestial, Toto, Duravit, and Kohler etc.?

Grohe, Hansgrohe, and Crestial are what we would immediately identify as sanitary fittings and accessories brands - basin taps and mixers, shower taps and mixers and accessories like towel bars, shower shelves etc.

Duravit, Kohler and Toto are known as sanitary ware manufacturers - basins, water closets and bathtubs.

Under a brand, there will be different product range that focuses on different aspects, such as design and function. Each of the brands has their unique philosophy that underlines the overall design of their products. For example, if we look at Crestial, their emphasis is on form followed by function. Their designs adopted the minimalist style, and their products are slim, sleek and are easy to install.

There are some brands that have scored well in their specialised range of products. For example, Toto, a Japanese brand is recognised as a forerunner in bidet washing technology but the other brands in the market are also offering very good options. Upmarket consumers look to brand association when selecting their wares. Brands like Duravit appeal to them as they can be found in luxurious residential and commercial developments both locally and overseas.

###2. When it comes to choosing bathroom solutions, what are the areas that customers often neglect?

I personally feel that homeowners need to spend more effort in considering the storage space that they have in their bathroom. There will always be a need to store the toiletries and other personal items that you are using, including your stock-ups. Also, each regular user of a bathroom will have their favourites. What happens when there is not enough storage space available? Tendency is, you’ll end up adding “stick-on” shelves or crowding out whatever surface area is possible. So very often, the literal avalanche of products has cancelled out the desired design effect.

A solution to this, get a bathroom cabinet that can store and organises your items. Otherwise, declutter!

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What else should you take note of before you shop for your sanitary wares and fittings? Check out our second part of this article as we highlight the areas you should pay attention to before you make the purchase.

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