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What You Should Do Before the Big Move (Plus Packing Tips!)

It doesn’t have to be a Herculean task.

Getting a new crib is exciting, isn’t it? However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows since it does come with the stress of moving in. But with proper planning and organisation, the entire process can made hassle-free.

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For starters, you should always work out a timeline. We have one here, just for you!

Before Moving Day

Clear your schedule

You’ll need to have enough time to plan and get ready for your move. Remember to factor in work and schooling commitments as well. That’s why it’s best to keep three days (leading up to your moving day) free.

Make a checklist

Always note down your to-dos in order to stick to the schedule you’ve set for yourself.

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Amongst other things, your checklist should also include:
- Notifying the concerned parties of your address change
- Buying the necessary packing tools
- Noting down the stuff you want to bring along
- Choosing your own mover.

Buy all the packing supplies

You’ll need a ton of plastic, bubble wrapping, and newspapers too! Breakables aside, they can be used to protect your furniture, which may get knocked around during the move.

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Remember to bring other essentials like boxes, adhesive tape, and markers as well. If you have an appointed mover, ask if the packing materials are provided, either at cost or free of charge.

Here’s another tip: Look up packing tips and tricks. You might find some better use for common household items such as using big plastic bags for hanged clothes or pots to store your spices in.

Get organised

While diving straight into packing might be tempting, it’s actually better to make a rough list of what you need to move first. Start by grouping the items by room type. Then number the boxes clearly and indicate which room, items inside, and whom they belong to. For example, ‘box 1 for the children’s room, Joey’s books’. It’ll make things more organised during the unpacking.

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If you have time, record them all in a notebook or list for easy reference.

Set aside a day bag

As you pack, set aside a bag or suitcase for all the essentials like your toiletries, a change of clothes, clean bedsheets, snacks – basically anything you need to tide over the first couple of days.

Get rid of the things you don’t need

For serial hoarders and hard-core shopaholics, moving is a great excuse to declutter and get rid of things you don’t need!

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Donate or sell away your used items to those who need/want them more.

Mind the rules and regulations as well as the space limitations

Moving big, bulky items like a mega wide 98-inch TV or a grand piano? Make sure you have enough room! Check the width and height of your new home’s lifts and doorways as a gauge.

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For those who’ve engaged movers, apartment buildings also have rules for lorries coming into the compound for unloading. You’ll have to call the management to let them know when you’ll be moving in and that bringing along a truckload of stuff.

Prepare enough cash and have reinforcements on standby

Things are always hectic on the day of the move. You might not have time to dash to an ATM, so it’s best to prepare some cash in advance for food and drinks. Even if it’s just for a few hours, an extra pair of hands can help you get a head start in unpacking, run last minute errands or mind your pets.

Count your boxes

Most importantly, account for your boxes! Counting them will help in your tally of items and ensure nothing goes missing once the movers are done. Record it in a notebook or phone in case you forget.

During the move

Count your boxes… again

Once you’re at your new place, count your boxes again to make sure all of them are accounted for.

Sort accordingly to room

Brief your movers/helpers on where the floor spaces (dining area, bedrooms etc.) are so that they can help to place the labelled boxes in their respective areas. You can label the rooms (like pasting a note on the door) ahead of time to reduce the need for repeated instructions.

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In general, shift bulky items like your beds and sofa before bringing in your smaller pieces.

After the move

Clean your house down!

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Since your furniture has travelled some distance, it’s likely to be dusty and grimy. And seeing that there’s nothing more unpleasant than sitting on dirty surfaces, you should do a quick wipe down or light dusting. A more thorough cleaning can take place later.

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