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Where To Find a Quality and Affordable Mattress in Singapore

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Shopping for a mattress can sound like fun if you imagine yourself snoozing from bed to bed to test them out! But in reality, picking a mattress is an oft frustrating experience. More than just about finding the perfect one that accommodates the sleeping habits (and budget) of your partner and you, there’s the hassle of visiting multiple stores and dealing with pushy salespeople.

It’s a sentiment that the two inventive founders, Tyler Peh and Jon Lim, of online mattress label Woosa, knew all too well. Like most homeowners, they were frustrated with the lack of good-quality, affordable options, and were overwhelmed with an endless variety of mattress models favouring one sleeper over another. The answer to their woes? They decided to develop their own line of European-made, affordable mattresses instead!

Product Review of Woosa Mattress
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After 2 years of tireless research, sourcing and testing with fellow Singaporeans, the WOOSA mattress might just live up to its ambition of being the ultimate mattress made for homeowners – without the hefty price tag. Here’s why we think so:

It's tested to fit almost all types of sleepers

In an effort to create the perfect mattress for all sleepers, countless prototypes and testing with Singaporeans with various sleeping preferences (including the type of sleeping environment and position) led Woosa to discover that over 85% of Singaporeans prefer sleeping on a medium-firm mattress. Well, that’s something most of us have in common!

Product Review of Woosa Mattress
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Picking out the best performing materials in the industry based on firmness, comfort, support, temperature, durability, and price, the brand ultimately decided on a combination of high-quality latex and memory foam (designed for Singapore’s tropical climate) for its mattresses. The top latex layer provides bounce and stays cool thanks to its highly breathable properties. Meanwhile, the memory foam at the bottom provides the perfect, body conforming ‘sink’, and relieves pressure. Now, that’s what we call getting the best of both worlds!

You don't have to break the bank for it

Here’s one more reason why you can rest easier on a Woosa mattress: no more worries about massive credit card bills or troublesome installments!

The reality of mattress shopping is that when it comes to getting a branded, quality piece, prices can run from a couple of thousands to five-digit figures.

However, these prices are also loaded with tons of markups. From third-party markups and profit margins, to marketing costs and salesperson commissions – you might just be paying 2 – 3 times more than the actual value of your ‘high-end’ mattress. That’s also the reason why mattresses always seem to be on sale but are still so darn expensive.

Product Review of Woosa Mattress
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Working directly with different manufacturers in Belgium and selling straight to the consumer, Woosa cuts out unnecessary middlemen, salesmen and showroom costs that often make up a sizeable chunk of the sale price. The same, high-quality materials found in 5-star hotel beds or branded alternatives are used - but it only costs a pocket friendly $1,499 for a Queen and $1,699 for a King-sized mattress.

It's a breeze to set up

Whether it’s propping it up on a bed frame or laying it out tatami-style, getting a little hands-on with your home can be a fun activity to do with your loved ones - and help save a ton on delivery and installation costs too!

As such, the Woosa mattress is also designed to be incredibly compact. Each Woosa mattress is vacuum-packed into a bolster-like case and all you have to do is to unroll to get your full-sized mattress, with no losses in firmness or quality!

Product Review of Woosa Mattress
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No more buyer's regret

Nobody likes to feel forced into making a hasty purchase decision by persistent salespeople. But that’s often the case in mattress showrooms, where homeowners are often given 15 minutes to try (and decide) the mattress they expect to snooze comfortably in for the next 10 years. No pressure, right?

Product Review of Woosa Mattress
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By making it only available online, Woosa seeks to make purchasing mattresses a breeze and entirely within your control. Free from imposing sales talk, the product is left to do the talking as Woosa offers a 100-night free trial for all its mattresses. Mull, loll and sleep over it - if it’s still not the right fit, Woosa picks it up from your doorstep and provides a full-refund on your purchase. No buyer’s remorse!

Be rest assured that Woosa never resells your (or others’) used mattresses! Instead, they all go to a good cause - returned mattresses are donated to charitable organizations and the needy. As they say: waste not, want not.

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