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Where to Get Affordable & Tasty Meals While You #StayHome

April 9, 2020

For when delivery app options get boring, but you can’t leave the house.

While there are plenty of perks that come with working from home (read: sleeping in slightly later because there’s no commuting), there are also downsides that come along with it, including having to take care of kids round the clock, working and maintaining the home.

food singapore delivery

Source: Grain

Where does that leave you when it comes to food prep then? Because you’re doing all of the above concurrently, you might find it hard to do anything other than ordering off of delivery apps. However, since it is a “month-long” circuit breaker, you might find yourself tiring of the standard options sooner than you think. In a bid to offer you some alternatives, we have scoured around to find eateries that deliver affordable meals (almost) island-wide – and they’re perfect for smaller households too!

Healthy/Tingkat alternatives

1. Grain | Seasonal rice bowls from $9.95

food singapore delivery

Source: Grain

Those who are always asking “what should I have for lunch?” will be satisfied by Grain’s fare as they constantly create new, exciting dishes to replace their old ones. From seasonal options to healthy bundles, you can now get these meals on demand! Pro-tip: Avoid incurring charges by getting the food delivered to pick-up points.

2. Xin Yi Pin | 10-day tingkat delivery from $110

food singapore delivery

Source: Xin Yi Pin

Not only does Xin Yi Pin promise to use less salt and oil for a healthier food alternative, but they’re also having great promotions right now, including a 10-day trial service from just $110 and a 60-day meal package that’s now $150 off – that’s about 3 months’ worth of dinner prep settled, meaning that even after the circuit breaker ends you won’t have to worry about cooking! However, the catering company only delivers to locations in the North and East, so we’d recommend doing a check before signing up.

3. AMGD | Healthy bowls from $12

food singapore delivery

Source: AMGD

It’s time to commit to eating healthily, and AMGD makes it really easy to get meals (specially curated by chefs and dieticians) delivered right to your doorstep. All you need to do is to buy an AMGD pass, choose your meal and then they’ll make it fresh. You can even share the pass with your friends to make your meals even cheaper!

4. Best Catering | 10-day Tingkat delivery from $121

food singapore delivery

Are you a picky eater? Best Catering updates their meal plans weekly so that you can see if the food that’s being prepared suits your tastes. And, if it does, well, there’s the 10-day trial period that you can sign up for before committing long-term!

5. Kim Paradise | 5-day Tingkat delivery island-wide from $62.50

food singapore delivery

Source: Kim Paradise

Much like Best Catering, Kim Paradise also updates their menu on the regular with one key difference – while most Tingkat services cater to specific places, you’re able to get their food delivered island-wide*.

*Those living in condominiums will have to pay an additional $20 in fees unless the food is delivered to the guardhouse/concierge.

Halal options

6. Don Play Play | Rice bowls from $10.80

food singapore delivery

Satisfy your craving for Japanese rice bowls with Don Play Play. The food delivery company’s rice bowls are prepared with the freshest Halal-certified ingredients in a Halal-certified kitchen – and they deliver island-wide.

7. Lean Bento | Healthy bowls from as low as $9.90

food singapore delivery

Source: Lean Bento

Designed to suit your schedule, Lean Bento offers you even more flexibility with their menu. Aside from their à la carte selections, there’s also the added option of a longer meal plan with an open start date period (within 60 calendar days from the date of purchase). The meals will only get delivered on the dates you specified – with no additional delivery fees!

8. So Pho | Halal Vietnamese fare from $4.50

food singapore delivery

Source: So Pho

If you’re tired of plain, ol’ rice, you can now get traditional Vietnamese Banh Mi, Pho and spring rolls delivered to your doorstep with So Pho. Not only is their food halal-certified, but you can also get them delivered island-wide for free!

9. Flame Café | Halal steamboat platters from $28

food singapore delivery

Source: Flame Café

While you may not be dining in at Flame Café any time soon, they do cater for takeaway orders as well. Aside from sizeable steamboat platters, the restaurant also offers Western fare and zi char options as well.

10. Wakuwaku Yakiniku | Halal yakiniku from $11.50

food singapore delivery

Opened by the founders of Fatboy’s and Fatpapas, Wakuwaku Yakiniku is harkened as the first halal yakiniku – Japanese for grilled meat – restaurant in Singapore. Again, dining in will no longer be possible at the moment, but they’re still delivering!

11. Amici | Quality halal-certified fare from $3.50

food singapore delivery

Source: Amici

Helmed by a team of culinary experts, Amici’s halal menus are crafted in-house by their team of chefs using only the freshest and finest ingredients. Their De Froz meals are individually cooked, then blast frozen to ensure its natural quality is maintained and can be kept up to 7 days upon delivery.


12. 338 Catering | Bento boxes from $6.80

food singapore delivery

Source: 338 Catering

When it comes to range, 338 Catering has everyone else beat. Not only do they offer Tingkat dinners, they also have a variety of bento boxes and mini buffet menus to choose from, making them the perfect go-to.

13. Mister Wu | Dim sum buffet for $32.90

food singapore delivery

Source: Mister Wu

Think you’ll have to say goodbye to dim sum for the time being? Not if Mister Wu has anything to say about it. Their buffet set comes with all of your favourite dim sum, plus half a portion of their signature whiskey seafood la mian, truffle chicken rice, hakka crispy pork chop and Mr Su Braised Pork – and you can get it now for $32.90 instead of the usual $69.90 (not including delivery fee)!

Specialty food

14. Breadth & Hearth | Min. $40 purchase for free delivery

food singapore delivery

While Breadth & Hearth might be famed for their artisanal bakes, they do have a catering arm as well. From the best-loved brunch fare to craft burgers and pasta, they’ll deliver it all within 45 minutes (what they promised).

15. NUDE Seafood | 20% off all food orders all week

food singapore delivery

Source: NUDE Seafood

You might be able to get away with Tingkat delivery on weekdays but what about the weekends? Well, luckily for you, Nude Seafood delivers every day. They’re even taking 20% off all food till 4 May. Oh, and there’s free delivery for orders above $80 as well, talk about a great deal!

16. Violet Oon | Min. $100 purchase for free delivery island-wide

food singapore delivery

Source: Violet Oon

Peranakan food is comfort food, and now it can be enjoyed beyond restaurants. Singapore-based restaurant group Violet Oon brings Nyonya favourites packaged in trays and bento boxes to your doorstep – remember, it’s free delivery for orders above $100!

17. Kam’s Roast | 20% off Michelin star roasts

food singapore delivery

Source: Kam's Roast

Kam’s Roast has been awarded a Michelin star for 6 consecutive years – a true feat. And now, you can enjoy their signature roasts AND a portion of their Immune Boosting Herbal Soup (on the house) in the comfort of your own home. Use promo code “NEWFEAST” to get 20% off your order from now to 30 April.

18. Oxwell & Co. | Min. $150 purchase for free island-wide delivery

food singapore delivery

Source: Oxwell & Co.

Speaking of roasts, here are some that are of the “non-traditional” (read: non-traditional to Singaporeans) variety. Conceived by a group of Brits pining for their local pub, Oxwell & Co. brings something new to the local table with its roast delivery menu. Think Yorkshire pudding, homemade gravy coupled with your proteins. Spend $150 or more to qualify for free island-wide delivery!


19. The Boneless Kitchen | Vegetarian Korean cuisine from $5.90

food singapore delivery

Going meat-free has never been so easy, and The Boneless Kitchen makes it even more so. The social enterprise offers a unique plant-based dining experience inspired by Korean cuisine and they’re bringing it right to your doorstep.

If you need even more options, check out Singapore Restaurant Rescue, Hawkers United – Dabao 2020, Dignity Kitchen, Perk Coffee, Uncle Lim Old School Ice Cream, Traditional Old School Ice Cream as well as Bengwhocooksfoundation! Do your part, eat well and #SupportLocal at the same time.

Disclaimer: Prices are accurate at the time of writing.

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