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Where to Get Insanely Comfortable Bedsheets in Singapore

Aside from cool room temperature, enough hours of sleep, the right mattress and no interference before you hit the sack, one way to get the sleep you deserve is quality bedding.

What you sleep on an entire night can make all the difference between you waking up feeling rested the next morning or knackered from tossing and turning all night long. Besides, wouldn’t you want to sink into the softest bedsheets you’ve ever laid your hands on?

So what should you be looking out for, and where can you get soft sheets?

First things first, thread count.

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The higher, the better? Not exactly. A high thread count essentially means the bedsheet is made from a high density of fibre. It’s durable but it is also warm and less breathable, which doesn’t work for Singapore's weather. The rule of the thumb? Anything between 300 to 500 is a sure sign for softness.

Think weaves

There are two options here – percale or sateen. And it depends on your preference. Percale feels light and crispy while sateen (a sort of satin weave) feels silky smooth.

Cotton vs silk

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Silk is better because it is more luxurious, right? Unfortunately, silk can feel quite “slippery” so if you’re the type to toss and turn, it can get uncomfortable midway through your sleep. Cotton’s not all that bad, especially if you choose the right type like Egyptian Cotton, Supima Cotton or even organic cotton, which is rare but makes for super smooth sheets.

Should you go for wrinkle-free sheets?

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They look good on the bed, smooth and inviting. Until after a few washes then that wrinkle-free effect fades away. Sometimes chemicals are used to get that wrinkle-free effect. So if you have ultra-sensitive skin, you may want to stay away.

How to Care for Your Sheets

Always wash your sheets before using them. Washing also allows the yarn to become softer so your sheets feel more comfortable when you lie on them. Wash them separately from your other clothes so that they have room to circulate for a cleaner wash, and won't get caught in clothes hooks. You should also avoid fabric softener.

Once sheets are done, remove them from the washer quickly to reduce wrinkles. Shake it out and hang dry.

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How often do you need to wash sheets? In a humid country like Singapore, it’s recommended to do them weekly – imagine all the dirt, dust, skin cells, body oils, hair and more on that piece of cloth you spend at least eight hours on once a day!

Where to Shop in Singapore

Instead of heading down to department stores, you can check out these local labels which promise a good night sleep with their soft sheets.

Heveya® by European Bedding

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Wicking away moisture to keep you dry, cool and comfortable, Heveya®’s Flax Linen Sheets are perfect for a good night’s rest in the warm Singapore weather. And because they’re made of one of the strongest natural fibres in the world, you’ll be enjoying these cosy sheets for a long time to come.

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If you’re one to indulge in the finer things in life, then Heveya®’s Bamboo Lyocell Sheets are definitely for you. With a luxuriously soft feathery texture, these sheets have the touch of silk, and bamboo fibres comparable to 1000 thread count cotton - but at a fraction of the price.

Plus, all Heveya bedsheets are made of sustainable and eco-friendly materials, which means you’d be doing your bit for the environment even as you unwind!


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It claims to have “the world’s softest, comfiest sheets for better sleep.” And why not – Heavenluxe sheets are made from 100% Austrian Tencel™, which is softer than silk and 500 times thinner than cotton. It is ultra breathable, which means that it removes over 20 times more sweat from your skin compared to regular cotton sheets.

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And the fact that it is Oeko-Tex® Certified (meaning all fabrics used to make Heavenluxe sheets have undergone laboratory testing for a wide range of harmful substances), odour-resistant and chemical-free seal the deal. The site offers a 60-day trial and ships worldwide.

Shop Heavenluxe's tencel sheets here!

Dormire Sleep

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Heard of bedsheets that could give you radiant skin? Made from Pris-Fibre™ (a material found in a Korean bamboo range), Dormire Sleep’s range of hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial bamboo sheets promotes blood circulation for skin renewal and improves your quality of sleep.

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Plus, thanks to their Micro-Flex™ technology, these moisture-wicking bamboo sheets also regulate your body temperature by allowing air to flow between the weaves, making it suitable for Singapore's sunny weather.

Shop Dormire Sleep’s Made-in-Korea bamboo sheets here!


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Living a sustainable lifestyle? Then you have to get your bedsheets from homegrown brand Sojao where you’ll find 100% organic cotton sheets. These sheets are only 300 thread count but feels amazing thanks to its single-ply yarn spun from long-staple cotton fibres (everything that makes your sheets cosy and comfortable). Plus, with the sustainable stamp on it, you can be sure your bedsheets aren’t treated with chemicals at all.

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Sunday Bedding

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If you’re after bamboo or cotton sateen sheets, you’ve come to the right place at Sunday Bedding. This Singaporean-brand positions itself as the sommelier of bedsheets where it has all sorts of bedsheet types to suit your sleeping preference, whether it is sleeping with pets, in cold temperature or with kids all around.

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Its bamboo sheets are soft and silky while the cotton sheets are highly breathable and durable. Plus, free returns are available on all Sunday Bedding sheets within 30 days so if you’ve changed your mind, no worries.


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French linens are also a popular choice when it comes to bedsheets, thanks to its soft and luxurious feel as well as stonewashed look. The French linen sheets at Annette are made from 100% French flax fibre sourced directly from France, which is a light and airy fabric that feels gentle on the skin.

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Linen is also 30% stronger than cotton so you know your purchase from Annette will last longer. In fact, linen also gets softer over time with use so you’ll still have that ultra-soft sheets you bought in the first place, maybe better! Shop Annette's linen sheets here.

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