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Where to Shop for… Customised Furnishings

December 20, 2019

Yes – even your pillows that you sleep on can be tailor-made.

Store-bought furniture and décor are pretty hard to beat out on the convenience scale considering that you’re just chucking things to a (real-life) shopping cart and then checking out. But, you run the risk of making your place look too cookie-cutter and these off-the-shelf items might not suit you to a tee.

buy customised furniture singapore

Thankfully, there are ways to get around that – in fact, here’s a master list of where to shop for unique pieces that you can tailor to your specifications!

1. A pillow that conforms better to your body | Mpillow

More than half of Singapore’s population is sleep-deprived, and it’s not just because of a busy schedule – chances are, you’re not optimising the way you sleep. Designed to help you sleep right, the Mpillow supports your neck and spine even as you rest on your back or on your sides. Better yet, it’s customisable in both size and height to suit all body shapes.

buy customised furniture singapore

Price: From $190 | Source: Mpillow

2. Tailor your mattress to match your bedroom space | European Bedding

Calling all tall people: do your feet dangle off the bed at an awkward angle and you just can't find the right mattress size? Luckily, there’s an easy fix for this particular conundrum – at European Bedding, you can get your bedding customised to fit you.

buy customised furniture singapore

Price: From $3488 | Source: European Bedding

3. Build your own furniture | Blåfink

Or perhaps, you wish to have full creative control over your standalones? Building your own made-to-order piece has never been easier at Blafink – fill up their “Customise” form to tell them your basic requirements and features to have them craft anything from a sofa to a lampshade.

buy customised furniture singapore

Price: From $185 | Source: Blåfink

4. Switch things up with changeable light switches | Schneider

Despite its classic and nondescript appearance, you can actually personalise Schneider’s AvatarON. Let’s say you are using wallpaper and you wanted your switch to blend in so that you can preserve that seamless look, all you need to do is upload a photo to get it printed on!

buy customised furniture singapore

Price: $45.90 | Source: Schneider

5. A table fit for any gathering | The Table Guy

Square, rectangular, oval and circular – most store-bought tables feature just the basic shapes and that makes it hard to create a standout dining area. Local startup brand The Table Guy seeks to remedy that with their radical customisations that start from the size of your dining table all the way to the cut of your chosen wood slab.

buy customised furniture singapore

Price: From $290 | Source: The Table Guy

6. Nothing beats having convertible shelving solutions | PeggyBoard

The PeggyBoard is an answer to immobile shelving and cabinets. Combining versatility and functionality, this furniture piece comes with different pegs and accessories to bring you unlimited shelving options that can be changed up according to your needs and preferences.

buy customised furniture singapore

Price: From $58 | Source: PeggyBoard

7. Customise lamps in any shape | Like Lights

While Like Lights is mostly known for their versatile pendant lamps for a wide range of home styles, they also offer customisation services for lights of various shapes, colours and materials!

buy customised furniture singapore

Price: From $45 | Source: Like Lights

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8. Make your drains 'disappear' with customised covers | Stormtech

Drain covers in most apartments aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing to look at. In fact, they stick out like a sore thumb, especially if the rest of the bathroom is done up. For those yearning to keep the space looking consistent, we recommend Stormtech’s line of drainage solutions – from tile to stone flooring surfaces, their tile insert drainage system allows for seamless integration!

buy customised furniture singapore

Price upon enquiry | Source: Stormtech

9. Have your interior designer design your furniture for added convenience | Archive Design

For all you lazy souls out there who wish to kill two birds with one stone (i.e. getting your place furnished at the same time you renovate), check out Archive Design. Aside from the typical renovation services, the team has started looking into customising furniture – so yes, everything that you need is practically at your doorstep!

Mei Ling Vista by Archive Design

Check out this made-to-order table! Price upon enquiry | Source: Archive Design

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