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Where to Shop for... The Perfect Extendable Dining Table

May 16, 2019

Though eating out is part of the Singaporean lifestyle, it’s still great to come back to home-cooked food. That’s why finding the perfect dining table is important – it enhances the dining in experience.

Yet, a regular dining set is a little more than obtrusive, especially in small homes or for homeowners who don’t host regularly. Swap out the conventional pieces with these super space savers!

extendable dining table

Aside from its super sleek design, the SM101 Multi-Functioning Dining Table comes with an array of functions that will delight you – it is equipped with plenty of storage space with two wired shelves (perfect to store your dishware in), a heat resistant stainless steel slab to rest your hot cookware on in the centre and twin wheels affixed at the bottom that allows it to be moved around your home!

2. Kamada Extendable Dining Table

extendable dining table

While white tables may be commonplace, the Kamada table breaks the mould with its triangle-shaped legs. Thanks to the pristine colour and sleek lines, it looks great from any angle. Two legs are built into the extendable part, which means more leg-room in addition to a bigger countertop surface.

3. Domino Extension Dining Table 1800

extendable dining table

Source: King Living

Fashioned out of high-quality ceramic or Alucompact – a laminate designed to give greater structural carrying capacity and stability – top finishes, you can bring your dining experience outdoors (or in this case, to the balcony) with the Domino table.

4. Miles Extendable Dining Table

extendable dining table

Source: Castlery

Looking for something that’s more rustic? The Miles table might be your perfect match! Aside from being constructed out of solid acacia wood, it also sports an additional bronze metal brace that contrasts with the wood frame for an industrial spin. Best of all, it seats up to eight people when extended!

5. Bok Extendable Dining Table

extendable dining table

There’s nothing slimmer than the Bok Extendable Dining Table. Despite its airier shape, it has solid construction and a timeless style that makes it a versatile piece, one that lasts for many years.

6. Kiros Extendable Dining Table

extendable dining table

Source: HipVan

The oak veneer combined with angled tapered legs makes the Kiros table the most classic of all the options. Because of its timeless look, it can be used in homes of varying styles. Plus, it comes with a generous five-year warranty!

7. Merris Extendable Dining Table

extendable dining table

Source: Primero

In the same vein, the Nordic-like Kaelin table features a classic style but its unique angular legs sets it apart. Pair with geometric table runner for the full effect.


8. Maximus

extendable dining table

Source: Spaceman

If you’re willing to splurge, the Maximus table could be right up your alley. The Italian dining table doubles up as a meeting table – it can easily expand to accommodate a very large group of people or to hold a buffet spread. While the table is a whopping 4.8m (length-wise) when fully opened, it can be extended in 50cm intervals, so you won’t always have to use it at maximum capacity.

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