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Why Automation Can Make Your Home Feel Like A Luxe Hotel

For most of us, our humble homes will never look quite like a luxurious beachside hotel suite with its crisp sheets, comforting décor and sweeping picture windows.

But don’t fall into despair just yet, there is at least one way to bridge the gap.

Automation is a fast-growing trend among big-name hotel chains around the globe, and it can bring comfort and convenience to your dwelling too. Whether you live in a 4-room HDB flat or a cosy studio apartment, this is why home automation can let you enjoy the finer things in life and then some.

You can enhance your entire home anyway you please

in haus automation home

Synonymous with smart homes, automation technologies are capable of giving owners control over their surroundings. But more than that, these systems can be customised to suit your needs, habits, and tastes.

Much like an in-house butler who is trained to handle your every whim, a properly-automated home can perform just as well (perhaps even better) with the right devices and controllers.

in haus automation home

Hate waking up to the shrill cry of your alarm clock every morning? With home automation, you can get tranquil birdsong to stream through your speakers as motorised curtains slide gently open to let the sunlight in.

And that is only one of the many customised experiences or ‘scenes’ that you can activate at a touch of a button with smart lighting,
entertainment systems and configurable interfaces, such as wall-mounted keypads and touchscreens.

Regardless of time or space (read: room), automation offers the means to enhance every inch of your house in any way you want.

It keeps your home secure (and green)

Ever found yourself second-guessing whether the door has been locked after leaving for work? Or if the aircon has been turned off?

in haus automation home

With automation, you won’t have to worry about either, because these parts of your home can be monitored and remotely controlled with the help of an app.

Meanwhile, compatible technologies like smart locks, cameras and alarm systems offer an inconspicuous and practical way to keep your property secure. Plus, they can provide even greater peace of mind than analog solutions like traditional locks and keys (or a security guard).

in haus automation home
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Eco-friendly hotels are also known to adopt smart monitoring devices, such as sensors that automatically shut off the lights and air conditioning to prevent energy wastage when there is no one around. At home, you can take this one step further by installing smart plugs and water meters, which will help you avoid hefty utilities bills.

In any case, a penny saved is a penny earned. Who knows, one day you may even find that you have enough for a holiday.

Fuss-free set up

Getting started with home automation can be quite the daunting task if you aren’t a tech professional, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t enlist the help of one.

in haus automation home

Just seek out a home automation specialist like C.Inhaus Pte. Ltd that will assist you with installing your gadgets, integrating your favourite devices and automating just about everything in your home, from indoors lighting to security systems.

Costs Are Flexible

Concerned about the cost of automating your home? You won’t have to worry about that either because you can always start small.

A basic package that includes a controller (the device that connects all your gadgets) and a configurable smart lighting control panel costs $1,388 – but that’s not even the best part.

in haus automation home
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Because automated homes are modular, you can always upgrade at your own pace. For instance, you can equip the living room with basic environment sensors before moving on to fancier gadgets like climate control systems or multi-room audio.

At the end of the day, outfitting an automated home is like finding holiday accommodation: Whether you want a luxurious 5-star experience or just a place to crash, it's always useful to know your options.

Explore Home Automation With C.Inhaus

in haus automation home
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C.Inhaus Pte. Ltd is an authorised Singapore retailer of the Control4 home automation system. All prices and information are accurate at the time of writing.

Interested to find out more about home automation? Simply send an email with your enquiry to sales@inhaus.com.sg or call (65) 9006 1071 for more information!

(Story images courtesy of Control4)

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