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Why Bamboo Charcoal is the Next Big Thing in Flooring

We’re impressed by bamboo charcoal, and so will you! This natural flooring material ticks all our checkboxes for durability, usefulness, and price.

How much do you know about flooring materials? Well, probably enough to name some popular choices like vinyl, stone, wood, concrete… and bamboo charcoal?

home flooring bamboo charcoal
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Despite being a lesser known option, bamboo charcoal is probably one of the best flooring picks for homeowners in search of an option that excels in both durability and cost-effectiveness.

To find out more, we got local flooring expert Bamco to share more about their version of this hardy, pocket-friendly material, BamcoFlor.

1. What makes bamboo charcoal flooring special?

Ans: Our product, BamcoFlor, is a type of sustainable, eco-friendly flooring that’s primarily made from bamboo charcoal and calcium, which is also why it’s 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

home flooring bamboo charcoal
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But most importantly, BamcoFlor is more durable and useful than other popular flooring options on the market because of its unique, triple-layer design.

The core layer has fire and temperature resistance, which vinyl lacks; the design layer is where the natural patterns show; and finally, the diamond layer allows BamcoFlor to stand up to wear and tear, from scratches to spills.

home flooring bamboo charcoal
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2. Is bamboo charcoal flooring safe and non-toxic?

Ans: Our bamboo charcoal flooring is both child and elderly-safe because it’s slip-resistant; there are intricate, but subtle tracks embossed in the floor’s surface that give it extra grip, so you won’t have to worry about elderly family members losing their footing.

home flooring bamboo charcoal
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BamcoFlor is also non-toxic and free of harmful substances, such as phthalates and formaldehydes that can cause irritation to the skin or respiratory tract.

This quality makes BamcoFlor safe for children who are suffering from allergies or have sensitive airways. If you own pets, the same applies too!

3. What are the practical advantages of using bamboo charcoal flooring?

Ans: The main advantage that Bamco’s bamboo charcoal flooring offers is its high durability.

With BamcoFlor, you won’t have to worry about damage from pets or heavy furniture because it has an impact-resistant, anti-scratch surface, making it more resilient than even laminate and engineered wood flooring.

home flooring bamboo charcoal
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BamcoFlor holds up well against a variety of household and industrial hazards too, including corrosive chemicals (such as paint remover), termites, and even fire.

Plus, it’s also waterproof, making it an ideal anti-slip option for areas surrounding wet zones like the bathroom and kitchen.

4. How is bamboo charcoal flooring installed?

Ans: Just like engineered wood and vinyl flooring, BamcoFlor makes use of a click installation system.

That means it can be readied more quickly than other flooring options like cement screed or hardwood – each bamboo charcoal plank locks snugly with another, so no screws, glue or nails are needed.

home flooring bamboo charcoal
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Another key benefit that the click installation system offers is an easy repair. When done right, damaged boards can be easily removed and replaced without damaging the surrounding flooring. This makes the entire process not just safer, but also more cost-effective.

5. With all these advantages, does that mean bamboo charcoal flooring is more expensive?

Flooring typeCost psf (without installation)*
Vinyl$6.50 to $7.50
Ceramic Tiles$6 to $8
Marble$10 to $15
Hardwood$8 to $15
Bamboo Charcoal (BamcoFlor)$6

Ans: If you were to compare BamcoFlor to other flooring options on the market like vinyl, ceramic tile, and marble, you’ll see that it’s by far one of the most affordable choices – and that’s not taking into account all the advantages mentioned so far.

Because of this, we’re certain bamboo charcoal is a strong, cost-effective option for any discerning homeowner.

Want to learn more about the advantages of bamboo charcoal flooring?

Then you'll want to check out Bamco's website at Otherwise, pay them a visit at 709A East Coast Road, S459064 to find out more in person!

(*This article was updated on 4 July 2019 with accurate prices.)

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