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Why We Love Walk-In Wardrobes, Plus 20 Must-See Examples!

June 11, 2019

Waste of home space? We think not.

walk-in wardrobe ideas layout fittings fixtures

It’s the dream of every fashionable homeowner to have a walk-in wardrobe in his/her bedroom. But with square footage at a premium these days, you’re probably going to have to settle for the standard L-shaped closet or a stack of freestanding drawers…NOT.

Here are 20 reasons (backed with real-life examples) why your home, whether small or large, could use a custom-designed storage space for your favourite fashion items!

1. Walk-in wardrobes are super-efficient at keeping things neat

walk-in wardrobe ideas layout fittings fixtures

One common (and misinformed) belief about walk-ins is that they are just fancy home features because the space they occupy could be used to achieve a larger bedroom. But what’s the point if you don’t have the means to keep your belongings stored neatly?

Sure, a regular closet could get the job done, however, with a dedicated space (like this bespoke walk-in in Jade and Anthony’s home) it’s going to be much easier to keep things organised and corralled away for a seamless look.

2. They don’t have to take up an entire room to feel spacious

Treasure Crest by Home Philosophy

A tall, but slim see-through cabinet by the window maximises what would have been a dead corner.

Treasure Crest by Home Philosophy

Interior Firm: Home Philosophy

This tiny, but mighty example is ample proof that walk-in wardrobes don’t have to occupy an entire room to be… well, roomy.

Despite being part of a master bedroom, everything is kept well-organised here – showing that all you really need is some clever space-planning to get a tidy walk-in where everything fits in nicely.

3. Designing one encourages you to think out of the box

Ang Mo Kio by Prozfile Design
Ang Mo Kio by Prozfile Design

Interior Firm: Prozfile Design

Want storage space and also some privacy for your bedroom’s sleeping area? Then you’ll want to steal a page from design firm Prozfile’s book by building a modular wall that functions both as a ‘walk-in closet’ and room divider.

4. A walk-in can provide quick and easy access to your belongings…

Toa Payoh Lorong 1 by ARK-hitecture
Toa Payoh Lorong 1 by ARK-hitecture

Interior Firm: ARK-hitecture

Much like a drive-through, an open-storage system is a convenient feature to have in your walk-in if you’re the type who prefers to grab your outfit straight off the shelf, instead of giving yourself an early morning headache over what to wear.

5. … while keeping things looking neat and tidy

Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 by Colourbox Interior
Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 by Colourbox Interior

Interior Firm: Colourbox Interior

Open-storage systems may be convenient, but (untidy) homeowners beware! Keeping your belongings out in the open will increase the visual clutter, but that isn’t a problem so long as you keep everything hidden within a separate area.

Another tip: Maximise all four sides of your walk-in, be it with wall-to-wall wardrobes, bay window storage seats, or even mirror sliding doors.

6. You can turn a walk-in into your personal study…

Telok Blangah Street 31 by Voila

Interior Firm: Voila

The idea of creating a walk-in that’s also a study may sound complicated, but all you really need to do is set aside some room by the window for a conducive work area (like in this tranquil boudoir) while keeping your storage solutions tucked against the adjoining walls to maximise space.

7. … or a (daringly bold) dressing area

Yishun Avenue 4 by Aestherior
Yishun Avenue 4 by Aestherior

Interior Firm: Aestherior

Alternatively, if you’ve a short wall in your walk-in, you can also have a nifty (but useful) dressing area installed for extra convenience. To achieve the cosy and classy look, bring in dark hues as well as tinted surfaces. And don’t forget about the blackout blinds either!

8. Walk-ins can be both subtle and impressive at the same time

Woodlands Drive 70 by 19 Eighty Three
Woodlands Drive 70 by 19 Eighty Three

Interior Firm: 19 Eighty Three

While keeping things subtle is a great way of achieving a clean, minimalist look for your home, it also makes the transition between different spaces that much more exciting.

In this Woodlands apartment’s bedroom, walking through an unassuming entrance brings you into a charming galley-style walk-in, which plays up the masculine vibe with earthy neutrals and sleek lines.

9. A walk-in’s design doesn’t have to be complicated to be special

Bukit Batok Street 22 by Space Atelier

Interior Firm: Space Atelier

Sometimes, simple is best. This bedroom’s walk-in makes use of see-through glass dividers to create a no-frills, open-concept storage area that’s a unique and useful space in its own right.

10. You can also use a walk-in to divide a room lengthwise…

Tampines (Block 414) by Design 4 Space

Interior Firm: Design 4 Space

Creative (and also functional) partitioning in the form of a floor-to-ceiling closet with sliding doors allows this bedroom to have both a walk-in wardrobe as well as a personal sleeping area that’s blocked off from prying eyes.

11. … or sideways, as you please

Commonwealth Close by J Design & Build
Commonwealth Close by J Design & Build

Interior Firm: J Design & Build

Aside from creating a closed-off changing area, halving a bedroom also lets you have your own dressing table. And if there’s sufficient depth, you can even create a private display case/grab-and-go shelf for your fashion favourites.

12. Walk-ins are spaces where you can fulfill your #goals

Edgefield Plains by Aart Boxx Interior

Interior Firm: Aart Boxx Interior

Ever wanted to have your own personal home space that’s full of girly glam, there’s probably no better way to achieve your dreams than building your own walk-in. Decorate it with rose-gold accents and include full-body mirrors as well as fluffy pink seats for an ultra-feminine look.

13. Want to hide everything? You can use a TV feature wall

Bukit Batok West Avenue by Space Atelier
Bukit Batok West Avenue by Space Atelier

Interior Firm: Space Atelier

Vertical slatted wood walls are in, and while they serve well as accent walls, these decorative features are also great for keeping private spaces concealed. Hide your walk-in wardrobe behind one of these stylish barriers and you’ll get your own secret dressing/storage area.

14. Otherwise, a simple curtain works just fine!

Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 by i Chapter
Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 by i Chapter

Interior Firm: i Chapter

Using a curtain might be a simpler (and less ambitious) way of keeping your walk-in wardrobe separate from the rest of the bedroom. But hey, if it works, it works!

15. Or you could simply make things seamless

The Interlace by Neu Konceptz
The Interlace by Neu Konceptz

Interior Firm: Neu Konceptz

If you like, creating a seamless transition between your bedroom and walk-in wardrobe is also an idea that’s worth exploring because of how much larger it can make both spaces look and feel. The trick to doing so? Simply be consistent in your choice of colours and materials!

16. Walk-ins can be made to look like a low-key luxury feature…

Aspen Heights by Hall Interiors
Aspen Heights by Hall Interiors

Interior Firm: Hall Interiors

Luxury doesn’t always equate to flashy. And in the case of this unique walk-in wardrobe situated behind a bed, that means putting together a row of handsome royal-blue panels to create a classy backdrop, which also conceals several storage cabinets.

17 … or designed as swanky spaces with flair

Dawson Road by i Chapter
Dawson Road by i Chapter

Interior Firm: i Chapter

Ask any fan of the classic contemporary style what they like about it, and they are probably going answer, ‘It’s the refined features’ – and that’s exactly what makes it the perfect decor choice for a walk-in wardrobe. To get the look, include interior elements like crown moulding (around your closets), hardwood flooring, and plenty of white.

18. There are clever ways to cheat a ‘walk-in’ into your bedroom

Yishun Street 51 by Fifth Avenue Interior
Yishun Street 51 by Fifth Avenue Interior

Interior Firm: Fifth Avenue Interior

While they aren’t walk-ins, reach-ins serve a similar purpose as their larger counterparts because they let homeowners cheat a private closet into tight spaces (read: corners and small walkways) that otherwise wouldn’t be able to fit one. So take note!

19. And there are elegant ways to store ALL of your belongings

Sumang Lane by Adroit ID
Sumang Lane by Adroit ID

Interior Firm: Adroit ID

There’s an elegant solution to everything, and that includes your storage and space woes. But don’t take our word for it, instead take a look at this walk-in wardrobe that has storage niches for all manner of accessories, including a display case with a protective panel that’s also the walk-in’s sliding door.

20. With the right accents, a walk-in can be the highlight of your home!

Bukit Batok Avenue 8 by Charlotte's Carpentry

Interior Firm: Charlotte's Carpentry

While the main purpose of a walk-in wardrobe is to serve as a personal storage area, it’s important not to forget the style factor. After all, what’s the point of a walk-in if doesn’t make your friends go ‘wow’? So, dress yours up with bold splash of colour and elegant detailing for a chic finish!

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