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Why You Shouldn’t Pick Your Paint Just Based on Colours

March 18, 2020 · Paid Partnership with gush

There’s more to the science of paint-choosing than finding the right hues for your home.

Getting your home painted is a simple affair – it’s all about picking out the colours that you like most and slapping them onto the walls, right? Not at all. (Because if it were that easy, we wouldn’t have this article.) With the right choice of paint, you can ‘breathe easier within your home’, and we don’t mean that in just a figurative sense.

gush cair interior paint singapore

Source: gush

There are paints on the market with hues that look great in your home, then there’s gush’s cair interior paint which does more than that. In line with gush’s latest slogan (“clean air in your favourite colours”), cair interior paint also keeps your spaces free of illness-causing chemicals and airborne pollutants. And that’s why we roped in this innovative paint brand to tell us what to take note of, other than colour, when making your choice of paint.

1. Safety

There are plenty of ways to improve your home, with paint being one of the most common methods – it’s a simple update that makes your spaces look less sterile, and cookie-cutter. But, in doing so, are you exposing your kids and loved ones to more harm than good?

Even after they dry, some paints continue to emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are toxic airborne chemicals that pose multiple health hazards, from allergic reactions to serious damage to the liver, kidney, and respiratory system.

gush cair interior paint singapore

However, that doesn’t mean you should leave your walls sad and blank. One safe option is gush’s cair interior paint. Specially formulated, this odourless, zero VOC paint also combats indoor air pollution, regulates humidity, and prevents mould plus bacterial growth.

2. The purpose of your rooms

Depending on the room(s) that you intend to make over, some colours might be a better fit than others due to how they look indoors. Here are the best cair paint options for every room in your home:

a. Communal spaces like the living room and dining area

The Nordic/Scandinavian style trend doesn’t seem to be waning in popularity any time soon, so off-whites (and white itself) are naturally going to be your go-to colours if you wish to get the look.

gush cair interior paint singapore

Source: gush

But, don’t forget accent colours – pastels are a great complement for pale surfaces, as their peppy yet subtle hues have white tones in them as well. So, if you would like a bright and airy living room that feels cheery, these are your options.

gush cair interior paint singapore

Source: gush

b. Private areas like the bedroom and bathroom

As vibrant as they are, blue and green (in the right tone) are soothing colours and they can help calm your wearied mind.

gush cair interior paint singapore

Source: gush

That’s why these calming shades are best used in personal spaces, like the bedroom or bathroom.

gush cair interior paint singapore

Source: gush

If you’re interested in any of these 32 shades (and 22 more), you won’t have to look far because cair interior paint comes in all these colours. So, whether it’s a single feature wall, or an entire room, feel free to mix and match to fit your theme!

3. Durability

Because discolouration is a serious problem, how well your choice of paint can hold up to the test of time matters. But, instead of waiting to find out the results, one faster way that paint manufacturers use is the Wet Scrub Resistance test. It involves a wear-and-tear simulation that assesses the durability of a paint.

gush cair interior paint singapore

The lower the loss in thickness of a paint coating during the test, the greater its durability. The passing mark by SETSCO Testing Standards is 20 microns mean loss in thickness, and the sample of cair interior paint had a mean loss in thickness of only 5.4 microns, which means its certified long-lasting.

For an even easier time cleaning up, there’s also gush’s brand-new cair fresh paint that allows you to get rid of oil stains or stray scuff marks with just water and a cloth, sans intensive scrubbing.

4. Smell

The worst thing about a fresh coat of paint definitely isn’t its look. But the smell? Ugh! Paint odours are a common problem because they tend to linger and last for days, but more than that, if you happen to be using a high VOC paint, things can get pretty unhealthy as explained above.

gush cair interior paint singapore

A low-odour option you can try, is of course, none other than cair. Its scent is barely noticeable and it also gets rid of existing odours from other sources, including newly installed furniture and flooring, so you can move in without needing to wait too long for the fumes to dissipate.

5. How much paint you need

You will need around 30 litres of ‘normal’ paint for a 4-room HDB flat, but the quantity varies as it depends on how many walls need coating.

gush cair interior paint singapore

That said, if you’re using cair interior paint for a house of the same size, you will probably require about 45-50 litres for a double coat. But why two layers instead of just one? That’s because the second coat provides extra protection for the underlying surface and maximises cair’s air-purifying benefits to the fullest.

Let your paint do more

gush cair interior paint singapore

Having fantastic colours in your home is great, but what’s even greater is a cleaner, healthier environment for everyone. With gush cair interior paint, you won’t just get a brighter-looking home, but also improved indoor air quality that will change your day-to-day life for the better.

You can find out more about gush cair interior paint as well as additional perks, including a limited lifetime warranty (2 years for moulding), and a bonus disinfection service (worth $299) when you engage gush’s painting services at

For more details on their paint, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

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