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Worth the Splurge: 10 Best Gifts for Homebodies Under $300

December 14, 2020

Practical home items that you'll also want to cop for yourself.

Let's face it: almost everyone on your shopping list has been spending more time at home than ever. From kitchen organisers to silk pillowcases, here are 10 practical gifts and little luxuries that are sure to make cosying up at home more comfortable and enjoyable!

Under $50

1. Fragrance and Essential Oils from The Scent Supply Co | From $6.90

If you didn't already know, having a beautifully scented home can help to boost happiness and relaxation. The Scent Supply Co offers stress-relieving fragrance oils, available in various soothing scents, such as calming lavender, bergamot, soothing lemongrass, lemon verbena.

Housewarming Gifts Christmas Gifts for Homebodies

10ml and 30ml fragrance oils | Image Credit: @thescentsupplyco

They also carry fragrance oils inspired by well-known fragrance houses, such as Diptyque, Byredo and Jo Malone. Home scenting on a budget? Yes, please!

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2. Eco-friendly Totes and Containers from BYKURAHOME | From $24.90

Stylish and eco-friendly, BYKURAHOME's range of reusable tote bags and containers makes for cute and thoughtful presents.

Housewarming Gifts Christmas Gifts for Homebodies

Oliver Park Totes and Lejos Silicone Collapsible Lunch Box Complete Set (Set of 4) | Image Credit: BYKURAHOME

Made from sturdy fabrics in a plethora of playful designs and colours, these reusable tote bags are perfect for grocery store runs. BYKURAHOME's microwavable (and dishwasher safe!) silicone food containers and bags are also sure to make packing and carrying lunches and snacks on-the-go easy and convenient.

From now till 20 Dec 2020, you can also enjoy complimentary gift-wrapping on your orders!

3. Lazy Susan Turntable from StyleDegree | From $12.90

Know someone who's been spending more time in the kitchen whipping up recipes? Then this lazy Susan from Style Degree is made for them.

Housewarming Gifts Christmas Gifts for Homebodies

Image Credit: Style Degree

By making hard-to-reach items in their kitchen cabinets more accessible, this game-changing organizing tool will turn any cluttered area into a tidy, clean space, pronto.

4. Coffee Subscription with Door-Step Delivery | From $20 per month

If coffee is a must-have in their morning routine, then they'll definitely appreciate receiving a coffee box subscription delivered straight to their doorstep!

Housewarming Gifts Christmas Gifts for Homebodies

Image Credit: Apartment Coffee and @parallelsg

From bi-weekly to monthly subscriptions, and coffee bean bags to ready-made cold brews, here are some of our favourite coffee subscription finds:

Under $150

5. Smart Indoor Herb Garden from Click and Grow | $111 (RRP: $139)

“What's on the shelves will never match what you grow yourself.” With Click and Grow's Smart Garden 3, your health-conscious friend can now grow their own non-GMO, pesticide and herbicide-free herbs all year round.

Housewarming Gifts Christmas Gifts for Homebodies

Image Credit: @dinajessica

It uses an automated hydroponic system with a built-in grow light so your friend can grow their favourite herbs from the comfort of their own kitchen, even if they don’t have a green thumb!

6. Quality Dinnerware from Luzerne | $68

For people who care about how their food is served as much as the taste of the food itself, then this minimalist dinnerware from Luzerne is something they'll surely appreciate receiving.

Housewarming Gifts Christmas Gifts for Homebodies

Image Credit: Luzerne

The brand offers restaurateur-approved dinnerware made of quality materials that don't break the bank. Best part? They require minimal, fuss-free care and handling.

From now till 31 Dec 2020, enjoy 25% off everything with a minimum spend of $100.

7. Silk Pillowcase from Ainesilk | From $71

Yes, silk pillowcases are a splurge, but nothing says you care like making sure your recipient gets a good night’s sleep on a soft and silky pillowcase.

Housewarming Gifts Christmas Gifts for Homebodies

Image Credit: @ainesilk

Ainesilk’s pillowcases are made with 100% mulberry silk that protects your hair while you sleep, reduces frizz and promotes softness and shine. It's also said to reduce sleep lines and facial wrinkles!

Under $300

8. Compact Hotplates from BRUNO | $199

This multi-functional, vintage-chic hotplate from Japanese brand BRUNO is great for friends who love having people over at their homes.

Housewarming Gifts Christmas Gifts for Homebodies

Image Credit: @brunohotplatesg

With various plates and attachments available, they can cook a range of different cuisines from the comfort of their dining tables. Think bubbling steamboats or Korean army stews, crispy takoyakis, cupcakes and more!

9. SONOS One Wireless Speakers from TC Acoustic | $289 (RRP: $329)

An ideal gift for tech-savvy audiophiles, the compact SONOS One speaker not only boasts amazing audio quality, it also has wireless connectivity for hands-free music control.

Housewarming Gifts Christmas Gifts for Homebodies

Image Credit: TC Acoustic

10. Auro Home Cinema Projector from Lumos | $299

Take movie nights at home to the next level. This compact home cinema projector from local brand Lumos comes with in-built Netflix and YouTube, so you can enjoy your favourite shows without fussy cables.

Housewarming Gifts Christmas Gifts for Homebodies

Image Credit: @lainechenn

Plus, it also promises sharp graphics at 1080p crystal-clear resolutions and supports Dolby Audio, so you can enjoy crisp and rich sound, all around you.

*Prices are accurate at the point of writing.

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