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Yay or Nay? We Used an Organic Latex Mattress for 100 Nights

Natural organic latex mattresses, like the Heveya from European Bedding are often touted as eco-friendly, safe and comfortable options for those who are serious about their sleep. But are latex mattresses really all that great? We put them to the test in the best way possible: by sleeping on one.

European Bedding Natural Organic Latex Mattress
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Heveya Natural Organic Latex Mattress (24cm, Queen), Special Price $4,188 (U.P. $4,788) at European Bedding

European Bedding Natural Organic Latex Mattress
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What we liked:

• Hypoallergenic, natural organic latex core

• Easy-to-clean outer cover

• Cool surface

• Excellent motion isolation

• 100-day free trial

What we didn’t:

• Mattress was too firm for our liking (this varies from person-to-person, European Bedding also has other softness/firmness levels available for its mattresses)

Best for:

Anyone who wants a safe, eco-friendly and comfortable mattress in his or her bedroom


European Bedding Natural Organic Latex Mattress
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So, at this point, you must be wondering about what makes a natural latex mattress worth getting. And here’s what European Bedding had to say:

a. They are safe to use

Natural organic latex mattresses are made from latex tapped from rubber trees, which do not contain pesticides (or any other harmful chemicals, for the matter). This also prevents off-gassing, a phenomena that causes bad-smelling gases to be emitted when volatile organic compounds in mattresses break down.

b. They offer excellent body support

Because rubber is an elastic substance, natural latex mattresses are capable of conforming to the curves of the body, on top of keeping your spine in a relaxed position through the night. For optimal comfort, get a latex mattress with the right firmness.

c. They are durable

Latex mattresses are known to last longer than mattresses made from other materials because their ability to distribute the sleeper’s weight evenly.

d. They are cool and hygienic

Due to their open cell structure and pin core holes, natural latex mattresses are breathable, which makes them cooling to the touch. Also, due to the natural properties of latex, these mattresses are mould and dust mite resistant.

That said, how true are these claims about latex mattresses? The only way to find out is, of course, to put one to the test (specifically, the Heveya), which is exactly what we did with the help of one of our readers – Josephine, a business development manager and homeowner. Read on for her thoughts and experience about using the Heveya!


European Bedding Natural Organic Latex Mattress
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Josephine (J): It may seem odd that I would want to talk about the delivery process first, but I was very impressed by the delivery team.

Not only were they familiar about the selling points of the Heveya – which I believe they were, based on how confidently they answered my queries about the mattress – the delivery team also took the effort to ensure the inner layers were properly aligned; it was a small gesture, but I felt that it really showed their dedication to the job.

Thoughts About Mattress Structure:

European Bedding Natural Organic Latex Mattress
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J: I was really curious about what the Heveya looked like on the inside, so when the delivery team unzipped the mattress cover, I immediately took the chance to ask them about the mattress’ structure.

From their explanation, I understood that there are two latex layers in the 24cm model (that I got), and it also has ‘7 comfort zones’. Each zone, I believe, supports important parts of the body like the head, shoulders and legs, by distributing pressure equally to each of them.

Experience using the Heveya:

European Bedding Natural Organic Latex Mattress
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a. Sleep

J: Before getting the Heveya, I was using a memory foam mattress. Comparing them, I can say with certainty that the Heveya has some advantages over my previous mattress.

Throughout the 100-day free trial period, one thing that I noted about the Heveya was that it was noticeably cooler. Even on warm days, the surface of the Heveya did not feel as hot as my memory foam mattress.

However, I did feel that the model I got was a bit too firm for my liking, it took some time to get used to it. I chose the ‘medium’ option instead of ‘firm’ for my trial mattress but based on my experience I probably should have opted for ‘soft’ instead.

Also, the Heveya absorbs motion fairly well; pressing on one section does not affect the others.

b. Hygiene & Maintenance

J: I have a baby son, so hygiene is a really important factor to me. In this aspect, the Heveya’s performance is great because of its unique Bamboo outer cover. The cover is dry cleanable, and the top and bottom can be easily unzipped and taken out separately.

I was also told the mattress core is naturally anti-dust mite and is unlikely to cause allergic reactions because of the latex that it is made of. I don’t have any skin or nasal allergies myself, but my son has sensitive skin and it is reassuring to know that the mattress he naps on is hypoallergenic.

So, is it worth buying?

J: Yes, I think the Heveya is worth it! What I like most about it is that it is a safe buy, both because of the quality of the mattress and the organic nature of its components. It doesn’t hurt that there is a 100-day trial, which lets you swap out your mattress if it is too firm or soft.

Plus, I also got to learn that the king-sized versions of the Heveya are customisable and you can get different firmness levels for each side. Time to upgrade my mattress, perhaps?

For more information about the Heveya natural organic latex mattress and other quality bedding products, check out European Bedding's showroom at 32 Eng Hoon Street, Level 2, Singapore 169780. P: +65 6735 6658

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