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You’ll Want to Work 24/7 in These Gorgeous Home Offices

Since working from home is the new norm, here are ways you can build yourself a more conducive space.

For many of us, working from home used to be the dream, and today, it’s a reality that’s becoming commonplace.

And, there are several upsides to that: You are no longer constrained by the four walls of a small cubicle, which means you have all the freedom in the world to explore and build a space that speaks to you on a personal level. If you’re not sure where to begin, perhaps these office ideas below will inspire you!

1. A white-and-wood home office so cosy you'll forget you're working

If you work best in an uncluttered space, a neutral white-and-wood palette is a good place to start – it’s clean, it’s warm and feels cosy. Integrate your shelves and storage to keep to a seamless look and then finish off with some macramé décor for a rustic touch!

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View this project by Dyel Design

2. A practical home office with removable pegboards for storage

The pegboard is a great alternative for those who wish to have a little more flexibility when it comes to storage. Unlike carpentry (because that's permanent), it’s lightweight, mobile and customisable, so if you need to keep things versatile, we’d recommend getting one for your office.

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3. A glass-partitioned home office that's all the rage

There’s nothing quite as sleek as a glass partition, which makes it a super popular material amongst homeowners who have a home office – it keeps the area bright yet cancels out enough of the external noise so you can really get work done with minimal distractions.

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View this project by Mr Designer Studio

4. An office space made semi-private by a half-wall

If the abovementioned doesn’t give you enough privacy, we’d recommend the half-wall – the glass part allows just enough natural light to flood into your office space, but also keeps things enclosed at the same time for a more conducive environment. Use dark wood to warm up the space and you’ll find yourself with a fine home office!

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5. A study with a splash of colour to lift your mood

Bold is beautiful, and for the creatives out there who are tired of working in a sterile environment, there’s no real harm in including a splash of colour. In fact, this home in Toa Payoh East takes it a step further by including striking modular shelves for an instant mood lift!

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6. An open-concept home office for unhindered views

Who said your home office needed to be enclosed? The open-concept works especially well here thanks to the unhindered view plus built-ins that keep the messes hidden.

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View this project by Zenith Arc

7. A drop-down 'desk' for a neat, space-maximising work station

In the event that space is a concern for you, consider mounting your work station. Case in point: This drop-down ‘desk’ only eats up a small fragment of your floor space when in use but keeps things contained when you close it up. It’s a real neat (and frankly, fuss-free) way to keep your desk organised!

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8. A concealed pull-out work station for a sleek home aesthetic

But, is there an even sleeker way to conceal the work station? Yes, there is, and it’s just a different rendition of the extendable counter solution! Simply include the pull-out into your built-ins, like the one below.

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View this project by Habit

9. A home office with asymmetrical shelves, for visual interest and displays

When it comes to your home office, you’d want it to be free of clutter naturally. But, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to straight lines or clean silhouettes for that matter. The asymmetric shelves not only keep the space visually interesting but also comes with open niches that make for great displays.

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View this project by Mr Shopper Studio

10. A versatile space with loose furnishings, to change things up whenever you like

Even in the comfort of your own study, working from home can get boring, especially if you’re stuck in the same spot for hours on end. One way you can shake things up is by having not one, but a couple of conducive corners where you’ll be able to plug away diligently. Use comfortable, loose furnishings to create cosy spots throughout your study and you’ll never feel the boredom bug biting again.

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