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Zen At Home With Asian Inspired Interior

February 6, 2015

When given a brief to design a showflat for the upcoming Astaka@Iskandar, the team at Su Misura came up with an Asian Zen scheme that is sophisticated, close to the heart of the intended market. Taking inspiration from different Asian cultures, they put together a look that is cohesive and classy, putting their own modern spin on a timeless classic.


Strong black graphic lines dominate the space, with a rectangular partition reminiscent of Chinese screens dividing the living and dining areas. The partially open partition is a softer, less intrusive way of dividing the spaces, and its sheer height also allows it to impose a sense of grandeur.


In the bedrooms, soft, ambient lighting provide a warm and inviting ambience. Sun curtains provide privacy but let in enough light from the floor-to-ceiling windows. Neutral colours like brown, beige and white are used in the rooms to enhance the warm, welcoming effect.


The bathroom made use of marble tiles, from the floors to the walls to the surfaces, to achieve a ultra luxurious and classy look. A pop of colour in the form of fresh flowers enliven the space.

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