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Live comfortably in every room of your home with 3M™ Films.
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When it comes to films, 3M is definitely a brand that you can rely on. 3M owns the first patent for window films in 1966 and have protected millions of windows around the world including Singapore. We produce our own adhesive to use with our film, providing a unique combination of fast drying, optical clarity, durability and simple removal. Selecting 3M films gives you a peace of mind. Our films come with a comprehensive warranty backed by the most trusted global brand in window films – 3M Company.
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3M™ Ceramic IR Series Window Films
3M Prestige Window Film 1
3M Prestige Window Film
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3M Night Vision Window Film

Frequently Asked Questions

Would window films make my house look dim, especially at night?

It depends on your choice of window films. Darker tints will naturally result in a darker room. For a brighter space, you can explore lighter tints of our 3M Prestige Window Films (such as PR60 / PR70) that allow more visible light to pass through.

What is the maximum ‘lifespan’ of a window film before it needs to be replaced?

3M Prestige Window Films come with up to 15 years’ warranty depending on the window it is installed on; the films typically last longer than their warranty period.

For an accurate quote and to minimise wastage, can a site visit be done to measure the exact area required?

We provide a complimentary, non-obligatory site visit by our consultants to take measurements so that we can provide an accurate quotation.

Do you offer privacy films to keep away prying eyes?

Currently, there isn’t a film on the market that provides both day and night privacy. Our 3M Night Vision films provide privacy only in the day. At night, you will still need blinds or curtains for privacy.

When is the best time to install my window films?

We recommend installing our 3M films after all major renovation works are completed (e.g. hacking and drilling) and before any installation of curtains, blinds or grilles. The site must be as clean and dust free as possible to minimise the risk of dirt trapped bubbles in film.

I am staying in a condominium and would like to install 3M Films. Can you get the Managing Agent (MA) to approve the film?

Yes, we can submit our film samples for approval to the MA. 3M Window Films have been approved for installation in many private residential developments.

Reviews (93)

Very efficient service

Reviewed by Karen Chan・Submitted 5 Oct 2022・Renovation in progress

Very efficient service. Called the main line, salesperson followedup next day, came to my house to take measurements a few days later. Arranged for installation the week after and all fixed within an hour +. Customer service followed after to check if all's well. Great service, very smooth execution and best of all... My house isn't warm anymore! Yay!

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I would definitely recommend it

Reviewed by Letitia Chua ・Submitted 5 Oct 2022・Renovation in progress

I recently engaged Jestec for their 3M solar film for my house living room as it's so humid because of the weather. The entire process was very professional from start to finish. They even guide us how to clean and what we are supposed to do for aftercare. Also the sales representative even came to my house just to measure the windows & even gave a sample for us to view. In conclusion, I would definitely recommend it to everyone that needs this film as it really helps

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strongly recommend Jestac

Reviewed by Bernard Tham ・Submitted 3 Oct 2022・Renovation in progress

I've had Jestac provide window film installation services over the past 12 years at 2 of my apartments and each time the service was excellent. My recent engagement involved a complicated task of protecting a skylight which required horizontal installation. It was tiring and difficult! Not only did they do a great job, the crew took great pains to ensure the film was properly set and trimmed, all while working upside down from ladders! It's also worth pointing out that 3M films come with solid warranty coverage and I've had them return to check on issues, many of which are easy to resolve. strongly recommend Jestac if one is looking to protect their homes with high quality 3M window films.

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