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Being at the forefront of the high pressure laminates industry, Arova commits to provide cutting-edge and innovative designs of the highest quality at exceptional value.
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Being at the forefront of the high-pressure laminates (HPL) industry, Arova focuses on providing high quality, cutting-edge products at exceptional prices. This HPL specialist supplies its products to countries all around the world with the help of distributors in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Dubai. It also partners with interior designers and architects to offer outstanding quality throughout the entire value chain in both delivery as well as service.
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Top Picks

AMS 4477 SM Classic Maple 1
AMS 4477 SM Classic Maple
AWH 4110 H Norfolk Horizontal 1
AWH 4110 H Norfolk Horizontal
ASM 1711 N Nitro Blue 1
ASM 1711 N Nitro Blue
AWK 4244 RU Agora Wenge 1
AWK 4244 RU Agora Wenge
AZ 6116 SL Vide Mist 1
AZ 6116 SL Vide Mist
AQ 8001 QZ Crystal Gem 1
AQ 8001 QZ Crystal Gem
ABN 0040 SM Cotton Candy 1
ABN 0040 SM Cotton Candy
AA 555 M Supreme Black 1
AA 555 M Supreme Black
AWJ 4455 VN Light Sauvignon Oak 1
AWJ 4455 VN Light Sauvignon Oak
AW 7516 SF Maple 1
AW 7516 SF Maple
AWB 5453 NM Dark Walnut Ash 1
AWB 5453 NM Dark Walnut Ash
AA 666 M Supreme Grey 1
AA 666 M Supreme Grey

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to visit a showroom to select laminates?

While our website has an overview of the colours and collections we carry, we recommend visiting the showroom to view and feel the texture of laminates in real life for an accurate comparison. What you see on-screen could be different from the actual piece!

Why is it that the laminate I chose from a catalogue looks different in real life?

A small swatch is unable to reflect the full pattern/grain of the actual sheet. In addition, lighting - warm, cool, or natural - plays a part in determining how a laminate would look in your home. We advise customers to head down to our showroom to view full-scale laminates set in different lighting to make an informed decision.

What are some practical laminate options for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms?

We recommend using textured or soft matte laminates as it’s easier to clean off stains as compared to high gloss laminates which make fingerprints more visible.

Are fingerprint-resistant or antibacterial laminates a lot more expensive than regular laminates?

At Arova, about 90% of our laminate collection have antibacterial properties, and their prices are not significantly different from regular laminates. However, fingerprint-resistant laminates do cost about 50% more, as these laminates are often more durable than regular laminate sheets.

Reviews (11)

The service rendered by Regina was top.

Reviewed by Md Nazarul・Submitted 17 Aug 2022

The service rendered by Regina was top. I just bought a single piece of modular for my wardrobe but Regina ensured I got my item delivered by hand within a few days. Was also given a good walk-around of the showroom and quality catalogue to keep.

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Arova has a great selection of colours and grains,

Reviewed by Crystal・Submitted 17 Aug 2022

Arova has a great selection of colours and grains, and the studio has ample lighting for visualisation of how it’ll be in the actual house. Moreover, Regina is very friendly and helpful in finding the laminates that are suitable to the design we have in our minds. Good advice from her for colour and texture combinations as well.

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She was very patient with our questions on our laminates selection.

Reviewed by Marcus Ong・Submitted 14 Aug 2022

Went to Arova to select our laminate for our kitchen and rooms cabinets. Was so impressed by Regina's services, she was very patient with our questions on our laminates selection. We requested for many rounds of laminate samples from her, she went up and down for countless times to get the samples for us. My Mrs and I were very thankful for her excellent service. Thank you once again.

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