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Baton Sleep (Located within Comfort Design)
110 Eunos Ave 7, Level 2 Comfort Design Building, Singapore 409573
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Editor's note

Baton Sleep’s vision was to change the way consumers decide on mattress purchases.

The ultimate goal was to make things more transparent to the consumers. Baton Sleep cuts out all the frills to give you premium quality at honest and fair prices. Because the Baton Sleep mattress uses only high-quality foam and pocket springs, it can be compressed without compromising on quality and integrity of the mattress.

By delivering it in a box, it can be transported conveniently, resulting in cost savings for transport, handling fees and storage charges. These savings are passed on to you. Enjoy undisturbed sleep!

Everyone deserves a quality mattress at an amazing price. Baton Sleep mattresses are built to be comfortable and sanitary with its removable covers for washing needs!

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