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Over the past few years, Formica® has always adhered to a human-oriented design concept. From the perspective of humanity and people’s lifestyles, Formica® keeps a finger on the pulse of residential design trends. We are committed to creating comfortable, pleasant and stylish living environments. Formica® Asia has upgraded The Residential Collection creatively. Through creation and sustainability, the Residential Collection introduces advanced designs that best suit the Asian residential lifestyle. It is a perfect time to create infinite possibilities with Formica.
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Formica® Magnetic board 1
Formica® Magnetic board
Formica 180fx™ High Pressure Laminate 1
Formica 180fx™ High Pressure Laminate
DecoMetal® Metal Laminate 1
DecoMetal® Metal Laminate
Formica® High Pressure Laminate 1
Formica® High Pressure Laminate
Formica Protec+® 1
Formica Protec+®
Formica ColorCore® 1
Formica ColorCore®


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