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Professional quality cleaning, with a personal touch
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Established in 2004, Home Cleanz has been specialized in various professional home cleaning and laundry services in Singapore. Over the years, we have rendered our services to numerous corporate organizations, to projects such as newly built homes.
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Sureclean's GERMCLEAN is the first surface disinfectant from Singapore to be tested effective to kill SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. This surface disinfectant lasts for up to 30 days with one single application. It can be safely used on children toys, furniture, kitchen areas, and more to protect families and homes from viruses and bacteria. Sureclean is the trusted brand and leading hygiene supplier for over two-thirds of Singapore’s local childcare industry, protecting children and families from diseases such as HFMD and other viruses. Their SANIHANDS is a foamy hand sanitizer that is alcohol-free and gentle to the skin while keeping hands clean from 99.99% germs, bacteria and viruses. SANIHANDS does not dry the skin, and is effective and safe for use among children. Sureclean also provides home cleaning and disinfection services, of which the disinfection service uses their GERMCLEAN disinfectant, which protects surfaces at home for up to 30 days.
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