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Silestone by Cosentino

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Quartz. The Perfect Material.
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Indisputable leader in countertops for 25 years, Silestone is made of more than 90% of natural quartz which means it possesses strength in its surfaces, providing outstanding resistance and durability properties that you need in your home. These characteristics provide the best option not only for your kitchen but also in bathroom, floors and cladding. Discover its colors, textures and formats with the minimum number of joints but the highest warranty of hygiene and easy maintenance.
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Beautiful showroom with the most marvelous selection

Reviewed by Maddy Barber・Submitted 23 Nov 2021

Beautiful showroom with the most marvelous selection of natural and engineered stone tops for the home.

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Excellent customer service and awesome crew at the showroom

Reviewed by kathy yap・Submitted 7 Nov 2021

Excellent customer service and awesome crew at the showroom . Never fails to surprise customers with options and design pieces !👍👍👍

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