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Designed to offer the best experience in terms of Comfort, Energy Savings, and Aesthetics.
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SuperCool Window Films. High Performance Nano Ceramic Solar Film with maximum IRRejection and UVA 400nm 100% Protection. SuperCool Solar Control series ensures the highest level of protection in terms of overall rejection within full heat generating bandwidth in the solar spectrum relative to preferred sunlight penetration. This comprises of InfraRed Radiation (NIR), full Ultraviolet (UV) wavelength up to 400nanometers, and Visible Light Transmission (VLT).
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Angel See
Inferior product and installation will compromise your family’s safety. BEWARE

Reviewed by Angel See・Submitted 2 Jul 2021

This is 1 company that will provide inferior products, and during installation, will compromise on your family’s safety. Pls read on to understand. 15th June Max came to my place on 15th June. He went through the various window films, and we took the supposing “highest quality” 8000 series. We opt for the darker films for the room, and clear films for the study and living room. He only went through the 2 series and 3 series. I saw on their website they have the 7000 series, but wasn’t shown to us. 24th June On 24th June, the installers were 15mins late, but not an issue. The orders were wrong. They brought the dark ones for the living room, and clear for the bedroom instead. Not a serious mistake. They got it changed and installed. What’s serious to me is this; During the installation, they are required to spray soap water on the films. I walk from the living to the bedroom, along the walkway was puddles of soapy water, and I fell. I didn’t make a fuss over it as the fall wasn’t that bad. But when i think back, the person who fall could me my child or my elderly mum that is prone to fracture. What could have happened is unimaginable. In all installation, safety is something that cannot be compromised. But this company, it was taken for granted. When I feedback to Max, he ask for more info about the incident, and simply say he will look into it. Without an apology. 29th June The highest quality films on my Windows have oxidised badly. You can see brown patches at the edge of the films, just within 5 days. All areas, in my living, study and bedroom Windows. Pls see photos attached. Immediately, I send the pics to Max. He say he will arrange and let me know in a few days. It has been 3 full days, and still no answer on when he is replacing these inferior films on my Windows. I hope they will adhere to safety precautions and not cause anyone slipping from the soapy water that they casually spray on the floor. 10 years warranty? Within 5 days I had a bitter after-taste of the post-sales service. We are extremely disappointed with the service and product, and will urge others to consider carefully before entering into a contract with them. Bad service and product badly oxidised in 5 days. Max can still tell me they don’t cover oxidisation… in 5 DAYS!!! I have no choice but to seek help from CASE. There are many others offering better quality window films and service, with safer installation process.

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