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From durability to heat and fire-resistance, VULCAN sintered surface has all the essential qualities of a great surface material.
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VULCAN is a large-format sintered compact surface that is manufactured with highly-sophisticated Italian machinery and technologies. A composite of clays, feldspars, kaolin and quartz blended, compacted and fired above 1,200 degrees Celsius, VULCAN is an impact resistant engineered surface that is heat and fire retardant. Its impervious characteristic makes it colour fast as well as non-reactive to household chemicals and acids. These superb properties equate to easy daily maintenance. Available in large-format slabs, VULCAN can be applied with minimal joineries making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. As an engineered product, implementation of any desired features is possibly incalculable. Designs, colours, textures and finishes can be incorporated during fabrication. Monotones, organic timber grains or the richness of natural stones can be replicated. With great aesthetics and outstanding performance, VULCAN can be used for both commercial and residential requisites.
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