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At Wallhub, wallcovering is more than aesthetics. We strive to be beyond excellence with impeccable standards.
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Singapore's established and leading wallcovering specialist, Wallhub, carries the largest collection of wallcovering products. This includes exclusive resident brand, Londonart, a prestige Italian wallcovering label. Their comprehensive selection of wall product ranges from extensive wallpaper designs from international design houses, Speciality wallcovering, bespoke customised mural to exclusive Strato® Textured Paint, Kastone® Bricks and Stones and more! The collection at Wallhub perpetuates style and understated luxury that would suit any interior look. With their professional team of in-house installers, styling your walls with endless wallcovering possibilities is made effortless at Wallhub.
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Top Picks

Londonart Exclusive Italian Wallpaper 1
Londonart Exclusive Italian Wallpaper
Your wallpaper, your way with Bespoke Murals 1
Your wallpaper, your way with Bespoke Murals
Understated Elegance with Textured Paint 1
Understated Elegance with Textured Paint
KASTONE® Brick & Stone Veneer 1
KASTONE® Brick & Stone Veneer

Frequently Asked Questions

How is textured paint different from regular paint?

Textured paints offer a sense of depth and dimension due to enhanced colour tonalities and textures. This is unlike regular paints, which usually come in solid, flat colours. Our textured paint is low in VOC, formaldehyde- and lead-free, and crack-resistant.

Do textured paints cost more?

Textured paints require more time and expertise to apply, as it has to be applied layer by layer, stroke by stroke by a skilled installer. The cost to apply textured paint also differs depending on the application area.

Is wallpaper hard to maintain in Singapore’s humid climate?

Selecting the right type of wallpaper is key. Go for wallpapers with non-woven backing as they are breathable, washable and easy to care for. To further prevent mould and mildew growth, we apply a water-based sealer during installation to prevent moisture from absorbing into the walls and prevent water seepage.

What are Wallhub’s bestsellers?

Our top 3 bestsellers are our general and customised wallpapers, wall coverings from Italian-based Londonart, and Strato® textured paints. These products have unique designs that echo the personalities of homeowners and help to create a standout look for any space.

Are wallpapers suitable for wet areas like the bathroom?

In general, wallpapers are not recommended for areas with high moisture levels (e.g. kitchen backsplash), or are in direct contact with water (e.g. shower) as humidity is a concern.

However, water-resistant wallpapers like the ones from Italian brand Londonart are an exception. Unlike conventional wallpapers, they feature a special coating that’s washable (think fabric-like tiles), making it suitable for wet areas!

How long is the warranty period for wallpapers and what does it cover?

Our products come with a one-year workmanship warranty, which covers issues like peeling and wall bubbles. We also offer a one-year extended warranty for installations done using our water-based sealer primers.

Reviews (20)

The transaction and installation were smooth and fuss free.

Reviewed by Estey Zhang・Submitted 28 Aug 2022

First time installing wallpaper for my tv panel; the transaction and installation were smooth and fuss free. Kaylee was professional and could swiftly recommend wallpapers based on my preference and the price was reasonable too. The delivery and installation was completed within 5 days upon confirmation. Thanks!

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very smooth, efficient and effortless

Reviewed by Shireen Sanbhnani・Submitted 19 Aug 2022

Wallhub offers a variety of amazing wallpaper designs to consider. So we were pretty amazed! The process from quotation to measurements to installation was all very smooth, efficient and effortless. We were assisted by Heidi. Thanks, WallHub Team :

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Wonderful and skillful installers

Reviewed by John Lim・Submitted 18 Aug 2022

Wonderful and skillful installers who skillfully done up my customized wallpaper and also lamination for my kitchen cabinets within a few hours. Totally transformed our home into a modern and contemporary style immediately! Reasonably priced as compared to other companies! Definitely would recommend to my friends and relatives who would like to get wallpaper or can the looks of their cabinets at home!

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