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Designed in Singapore, Made in Belgium.
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Ridiculously comfortable mattresses crafted from high quality latex and memory foam. We believe that everyone should be entitled to great quality comfort, so we work with the best manufacturers in the world, to sell the best possible product at the price it should cost. No cutting corners, no excessive add-ons you don't need, just honest materials and good craftsmanship. From pioneering the 100-night free trial in Singapore and introducing the Sleep Lab, we're making your shopping experience as simple as crawling into bed.
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$150 off any mattress
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Reviews (70)

Love this product

Reviewed by Kaja・Submitted 22 Dec 2022・Renovation in progress

Love it, this is one of the best pillows and mattresses I've ever bought, I will Strongly recommend it to all my family and friends. I will never go for other brands. Great service too, thank you guys.

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The owner was so friendly and not too pushy

Reviewed by Jay Ho・Submitted 22 Jun 2022・Renovation in progress

Went down to try their new adjustable bed and mattress, I must say I'm blown away by it. The owner was so friendly and not too pushy, still encourage us to take a short nap to really try out the mattress.

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Was able to test out their pillows + mattresses and gotta say, they feel great

Reviewed by Ysaera・Submitted 21 Jun 2022・Renovation in progress

Very cozy and spacious showroom! Not intimidating as well, very friendly staff that showed me around and patiently explained about their products, no pressure to make a decision which I really appreciated. Was able to test out their pillows + mattresses and gotta say, they feel great

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