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ID Wilson

Reviewed by Vil Wong・Submitted 2 Dec 2020・Project completed Nov 2020・Designer Wilson & Chloe

Our ID team comprises Wilson and Chloe and we had a great experience working with them for the following reasons: - Good chemistry with the team - Meticulous and detailed pre-reno planning and design process - Able to translate and enhance our ideas and requirements into the actual design - Physically on site to oversee that works are in order and imperfections are touched up - Prompt response on advice and follow-up - Good contacts to quality vendors (lights, wallpaper, etc) - Able to adhere to reno schedule although there are slight delays arising from labour/resource shortages during COVID, especially during initial lifting of labour restrictions. But overall within expectations. Thanks for the beautiful place that we look forward to move in soon!

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Something special!

Reviewed by Vince・Submitted 7 May 2020・Project completed Mar 2020・Designer Rey Tan

A home is very personal thing - everyone has a different idea of what a perfect home looks like. Unless you're looking for a copy-and-paste, cookie cutter place to stay, I can recommend Rey to help you bring your idea of home to life. We interviewed 7 interior designers before picking erstudio because we had a strong concept in mind, and we felt Rey best understood our vision. He has both the experience and the creativity to achieve something special for you. Another important thing to remember is that you'll be seeing a lot of your ID during the process: from design meetings, to selecting fittings together, shopping for tiles, and so on. Rey was pleasant throughout with a good sense of humor, making the process much more enjoyable. Rey has an excellent eye for design. There were some times when we were not too sure whether his suggestion was the right one - but now that it's done, we are so happy that we trusted what he said! If we had gone with what we initially wanted, it would not look as good at all. During the course of the renovation, Rey kept us well updated, so we could leave him to it with a peace of mind and did not need to keep going over to the site. Another good thing is that Rey has high standards. When we met nearing the end of the renovation, we were impressed by his to-do list, as it included replacements of some parts that we did not notice any problems with. For example, he pointed out that one of the shower door was not done to his liking as it was slightly shorter and water could splash over - this would not be something we would have noticed until we moved in. This meant that many smaller quality of life issues were automatically dealt with. To be honest, we are not yet completely done with the renovation as the covid situation has put a hold on the defects servicing. As such, we are not able to comment on the quality of the after-sales service - we can update this after the circuitbreaker ends. Thanks again Rey!

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Definitely will recommend!
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Cherie Tang・Submitted 13 Apr 2020・Project completed Nov 2019・Designer Ryanne

Our designer for our 3 room BTO is Ryanne. Her simple yet functional design really helped us to design our humble abode to something comfortable yet unique home. She was able to also provide good colour coordination for the home to ensure a harmonious feel throughout. We requested for a warm, cozy and open feel for our home. The materials were quality and the workmanship and follow-up with her were great. She was really punctual and had strong follow-up. The vendors that she used were very helpful and had warranty on the workmanship. We managed to get our home within 4-6 mths from planning to final product. Although they are more pricey, they definitely lived up to the cost, workmanship and design. Definitely will recommend for anyone who wants a comfortable home with good layout and maximizing of space! Recommended to have some idea on the feel you’re looking for for your place!

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