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11 Ideas You Should Try to Get a Non-Basic Bedroom

September 12, 2019

These easy design upgrades will transform your bedroom into a sanctuary.

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, which is why it deserves to look the way you’ve always wanted it to (so that you’ll always want to come back to it for some well-deserved R&R). Thankfully, with these 11 cool design ideas we found, it’s easy to turn your everyday bedroom into a charming boudoir.

The Visionaire by Couple Abode

Interior Firm: Couple Abode

1. Turn your headboard into a work of art

Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 by The Makers Design Studio

Get a chic headboard to add an accent to the entire space. Here, the homeowner went with a stunning marbling design with recessed lights for a boutique-hotel feel.

2. Embrace the open concept look without going there

Kallang Bahru (Block 65) by i Chapter

Interior Firm: i Chapter

Using bi-fold glass partitions, this homeowner made the bedroom area a part of the apartment design without compromising on the room's feeling of privacy (thanks to the curtains). Open up the partitions for a roomy feel or keep it closed for an intimate appeal.

Kallang Bahru (Block 65) by i Chapter

3. Forget nightstands, use your wall for storage!

Bishan Street 22 by D5 Studio Image

Interior Firm: D5 Studio Image

No room for nightstands? Try recessing your walls to carve out storage compartments. It keeps your bedroom organised with a dedicated space for your books and other miscellaneous items while making sure that they are all within reach.

4. Mirror, mirror on the (bedroom) wall

Kovan by Pavilon BC

Interior Firm: Pavilon BC

Another headboard idea that doubles up as a neat interior trick: Using mirrors as part of your headboard design helps create the illusion of space in an otherwise tiny bedroom – it can even help to amplify your ceiling height!

5. Now you see the bed... and now you don't

Aura 83 by Meter Square

Interior Firm: Meter Square

Something to consider if space is really an issue – a pullout bed. Popular in tiny homes in Europe, you can opt for the same idea by having your pullout bed concealed in your cabinets of your bedroom.

Aura 83 by Meter Square
Trilight by Free Space Intent

Interior Firm: Free Space Intent

Go for a seamless look in your bedroom by making your vanity table part of your storage unit. It looks clean and streamlined instead of your vanity area being an afterthought.

Trilight by Free Space Intent

7. Have your carpentry become your accent wall

Sun Natura by The Interior Lab

Interior Firm: The Interior Lab

Try using carpentry as your accent wall. Here, it demarcates the vanity area from the actual bedroom space as well as acts as a feature wall thanks to a cool geometric wallpaper. The best part – it’s easy to do!

Sun Natura by The Interior Lab

8. Bye vanity insanity, conceal it and keep things clutter-free

Tampines Avenue 9 by

Interior Firm:

Much like the pull-out bed, you can work your vanity into your storage solutions and save more space that way. Plus, it’s easy to keep it concealed with a sliding door when not in use to keep your bedroom tidy.

9. The perfect way to fill out an awkward corner

Jalan Membina by Starry Homestead

Interior Firm: Starry Homestead

Don’t know what to do with awkward corners in your bedroom? Consider customising a vanity area to perfectly fit in the area. Not only will it solve your empty space problem, you’ll also gain a vanity table in the process!

10. Storage, vanity and accent wall? Yes, please

The Visionaire by Couple Abode

Interior Firm: Couple Abode

Consider this 3-in-1 idea where you can customise your storage area to also be part of your vanity table as well as an accent wall. This creates a seamless design to make your bedroom look chic and contemporary.

The Visionaire by Couple Abode

11. Clever compartmentalisation for additional legroom

Clover by the Park by akiHAUS

Interior Firm: akiHAUS

This bedroom looks like it’s out of a NYC pad! It uses the concept of compartmentalisation to keep the bed, vanity and sideboard separate with demarcated spaces, creating a unique style that looks well-planned for a stylish effect.

Clover by the Park by akiHAUS

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