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How to Hide Rooms, Storage and More with ‘Invisible’ Doors

The hidden way of making your home look sleek.

Is it a feature wall? Yes, of course, it is. But it’s also a facade for a pair of bedroom doors!

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‘Invisible’ fronts, like this one, are great for hiding personal spaces and belongings from prying eyes. Plus, they give you a doorway/storage solution that doesn’t look out of place with the rest of the décor. Here, we reveal the tricks behind these clever features which blend seamlessly into their surroundings.

1. Slatted accent wall that leads into a pair of bedrooms

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View this project by Zenith Arc

Accent walls featuring panelled wood have been trending of late, and not just because they add a modern feel to homes. These classic features are capable of hiding a door (or two) within their vertical lines as well.

2. A feature wall that opens up to reveal a nursery

Similar to the example above, the slatted walls of this Toa Payoh home conceal a hidden room as well. But in this case, the doors unfold fully for an open-concept look that lets light and air into the adjoining dining area.

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View this project by Ovon Design

3. A walk-in wardrobe hidden behind a TV wall

Once again proving that you can conceal just about anything with wood panels, the chic TV feature wall of this cosy boudoir hides the entrance to a walk-in closet in plain sight.

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View this project by Space Atelier

4. Wraparound structure with a secret revolving door

Now for something different! It’s not every day that you get to see a secret bedroom in a Singapore home. In this apartment at The Skywoods, the front section of a wraparound can be rotated to reveal a hidden doorway.

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View this project by Artmuse Interior

5. Seamless bathroom and kitchen entrances

For a sleek look in your home spaces, create a continuous stretch of space by having a consistent look for room entrances as well as any in-wall storage options.

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View this project by ELPIS Interior Design

6. Bookcase that opens up to reveal a cosy corner

Having the entrance to your study’s cosy corner hidden behind a bookcase is one way to guarantee that it will never be found. Plus, it serves as a practical display area/storage solution as well!

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View this project by IN-EXPAT

7. White-and-wood cabinet with a power box hidden inside

To create a truly minimalist home, hiding wire clutter behind closed doors just isn’t enough. Instead, create a nondescript facade with complementary materials, just like this chic white-and-wood cabinet!

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View this project by Lemonfridge Studio

8. Cabinets with swing-down doors/tables

The best-concealed built-ins are the ones that also serve a practical purpose – for example, these wine cabinets have flip-down fronts that double as a convenient drink table.

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View this project by Versaform

9. A storage cabinet with a built-in ironing board

For this living room storage wall, sleek cabinets aren’t the highlight: it’s the ironing board hidden inside one of them. Making use of a special folding system, the surface can be collapsed and stowed away neatly when unneeded.

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View this project by Lemonfridge Studio

10. A vanity cabinet hidden behind double-leaf doors

With its wood-clad doors shut, this bedroom vanity looks just like any regular cabinet. But when it’s opened, you’ll discover that it has (a surprising number of) shelves as well as a mirror concealed within.

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View this project by Charlotte's Carpentry

11. A pull-out workstation by the bed

Tucked away within an inconspicuous wardrobe with all-white panels, a pull-out table serves as a space-saving workstation within this minimalist home’s bedroom.

Plus, for added convenience, a cabinet above the table allows a computer monitor to be stowed away together, without needing to remove it first!

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View this project by Home Philosophy

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