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13 Ways to Use Mirrors to Make Your Home Look ‘Bigger’

Strategy is key.

Most Singaporeans aren’t blessed with huge homes, so they do what they can to make their spaces bigger – like hacking down walls and combining two small rooms into a larger one, for example. But if you aren’t keen to follow in their footsteps, here’s a simple (and cheaper) solution: get some mirrors.

Interest piqued? Here are 13 examples for you to draw inspiration from.

1. Living Room

Mirrored strips

Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 by ID Gallery Interior
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View this project by ID Gallery Interior

Mirror strips interspersed between solid-coloured panels are rarely seen in homes, but they do the job of reflecting light just as well. Place them near the windows for maximum illumination.

Panelled mirrors

Jalan Membina by Starry Homestead
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View this project by Starry Homestead

If you’d like something a little more chic, consider vertical strips with uniform lengths. The result: a stunning modern art-like design that makes the room seem taller than it actually is.

Mirrors with unique shapes

Tampines Street 82 by Habit
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View this project by Habit

Wall-mounted mirrors don’t always have to be rectangular. The semicircle-shaped mirror in this home adds a touch of softness to what is otherwise a home with sharp, clean lines.

A TV feature wall with a mirrored surface

Amber 45 by Mr Shopper Studio
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View this project by Mr Shopper Studio

Plain feature walls? Boring. A feature wall made with mirrors and marble accents? Luxe-looking, and, of course, absolutely stunning!

2. Dining Area

A full-length mirror feature wall

Eunos Crescent by Lemonfridge Studio
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View this project by Lemonfridge Studio

It’s almost as if the room size is doubled, thanks to the mirrored wall. It also helps elongate the clean lines created by the countertop and dining table, which further enhances the illusion of space.

Vertical mirrors to create the illusion of height

The Criterion by The Treehut Studio
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View this project by The Treehut Studio

The homeowner of this home in Simei made a smart choice in using three vertical mirrors in their dining area, because it draws your eyes upwards and seemingly “heightens” the room.

Mirrors with geometric patterns

Circuit Road by Mr Shopper Studio
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View this project by Mr Shopper Studio

Rather than getting a single, freestanding mirror, a mirrored wall helps to “double up” the space and tricks your mind into thinking that the room is twice the size than it actually is. Just take a leaf out of this home in Circuit Road - the mirror here opens up the room and gives you the impression of additional floor space.

3. Kitchen

Tinted mirror to distinguish between spaces

Gem Residences by Rockin Spaces
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View this project by Rockin Spaces

Who says mirrors are just for opening up the room? They can be used to distinguish between spaces as well, like the tinted mirror used here!

4. Bedroom

Backlit mirror in a dark-coloured room

Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 by Karpentree Studio
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View this project by Karpentree Studio

If your heart is set on a dark colour, consider a backlit mirror to brighten up the room. Here you’ll find one that acts as the focal point of the room, drawing attention away from the dark-coloured walls and brightening up the room.

Tall mirror with a minimal frame

Strathmore Avenue by Lemonfridge Studio
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View this project by Lemonfridge Studio

As they say, it’s go big or go home, and this particular vertical mirror sure ain’t going home. Seen here is a tall mirror with a minimal frame that fits perfectly into this minimalist bedroom - you definitely won’t be able to say that the mirror is too small!

5. Bathroom

Backlit mirror as an additional light source

Depot Road by Vika Design Lab
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View this project by Vika Design Lab

You can never have too much light, especially in rooms like the bathroom, which are notorious for being dimly-lit. This backlit mirror bathes the room in a warm, golden glow, matching perfectly with the warm-accented wood used in the shower area.

Full-length mirror

Gem Residences by Rockin Spaces
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View this project by Rockin Spaces

If you’re the type to check yourself out in the bathroom, then you might want to consider a full-length mirror wall, just like the type you’d find in public bathrooms in the CBD area! Bonus points for this particular homeowner, as the mirror is situated directly opposite the bedroom window, brightening up this monochrome home aesthetic.

6. Household shelter

Mirrored door concealing the bomb shelter

Clementi Avenue 3 by AC Vision Design
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View this project by AC Vision Design

Want to conceal your household shelter, but don’t know what to do? Here’s an easy solution: cover it with a mirrored door! It’ll fit right in no matter what your chosen home aesthetic is, and you can easily check yourself out and make any last-minute fixes before heading out the door.

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